G100: Group of 100 Global Women Leaders

H.E. Rosalía Arteaga Serrano 

She is the Former President of Ecuador and the first woman to have held the positions of President and Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador.

A lawyer, a Juris Doctor, a graduate of journalism and postgraduate of anthropology, she is currently the Executive President of FIDAL Foundation, a member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the Board of Directors of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Europe and chair of the board of directors of the Panamazonia of Manaus—Brazil.

She has published 14 books of essays, poetic prose, poetry, short stories, children’s and youth literature. She has influential opinion spaces in audiovisual media.

Above all, a dear Soul Sister who is ever available for advice, guidance and mentoring, with a most positive outlook and deeply generous spirit of caring and sharing.

Dr. Maya Morsy  

She is the President of Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW), she’s holds the national award of one of the 100 most influential women in Egypt. Prior to this presidential role, Dr. Morsy served as UNDP’s Gender Regional Advisor, and Head of the Egypt Country Office United Nations Fund for Women, as also Country Director of UNIFEM.

Dr. Morsy has over 24 years’ experience with National, Regional and International organizations, through her work in the National Council for Women, the United Nations Agencies, USAID, Academia, and Private Sector. Her work experience has strengthened the strategic partnership with the League of Arab States, European Union, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, African Union, Union for the Mediterranean, Government Organizations, Civil Society, Academia and Private Sector.

She managed and led more than 50 programs and widely authored more than 45 training manuals, books, articles, research and policy papers. With a Ph.D. in Public Policy, her areas of a focus are: Public Policies, Public Administration, Social and Economic Policies.

H.E. Ouided Bouchamaoui

She had awarded Nobel Peace Laureate 2015, Tunisia is a Businesswoman and Past President of UTICA (Tunisian Industry Confederation) as the first woman elected to this role.

Ouided Bouchamaoui is the co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 as member of the National Dialogue Quartet, where she played a historic and legendary role in helping her country navigate through a great time of crisis during the Arab spring and move Tunisia to a more transparent and collaborative society with democratic processes, constitutional framework and transparent elections.

Ms. Bouchamaoui is also Member of the Oslo Business for Peace Award Committee since January 2016. Ms. Bouchamaoui describes the open secret of her success as the ability to build win-win partnerships and relationships even among opponents.

She is an exemplar of the creative and constructive force of women’s leadership to nurture dialogue, bring harmony and build peace.

H.E Violeta Bulc 

She is Former Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia, and EU Commissioner for Transport. As Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia, she held ministerial responsibility for development, strategic projects and cohesion.

As EU Commissioner, she placed priority on digitalization, decarbonization, innovation, people focus and global collaboration in transport. Excellency Bulc is an academic, author, innovator, systems architect and entrepreneur. She is the founder and advocate for the unique concept of Ecocivilisation imbued with a vision of Earth as an eco zone of our galaxy and transparent, participatory engagement of all stakeholders in society and economy.

She has held senior positions in the telecoms industry, including Telekom Slovenia and Telemach. Former owner and Chief Executive Officer, Vibacom, she is engaged in work on sustainable and innovative business solutions.

Above all, a dear Soul Sister who leads with courage, foresight and wisdom and seamlessly serves all with the generous sharing of her phenomenal experience, exposure, energy and optimism.

Prof. Dr. Lizbeth Goodman   

She is Chair of Creative Technology Innovation and Professor of Inclusive Design for Education, College of Engineering & Architecture, University College Dublin where she also directs the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland, in partnership with SMARTlab that developed the award-winning practice-based PhD Programme along with the associated MAGIC Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre and Gamelab, which Lizbeth designed with industry collaborators. Prior to joining UCD, Lizbeth was Director of Research for Futurelab – Lord David Puttnam’s think tank for the future of education, and served in that capacity on the Prime Ministers SHINE Panel.

Chair of the Royal Irish Academy’s Social Sciences Committee in 2012 and Athena Swan lead for Engineering & Architecture, Lizbeth and her teams specialise in developing ground-up technology solutions with and for people of all levels of cognitive and physical ability.

In the knowledge transfer domain, she founded the MAGIC (Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre) in East London in 2005.

Alex Okoroji   

She is a Nigerian Actress and creative powerhouse navigating the world of Art, Media and Entertainment for almost two decades as an Artiste and Creative Businesswoman. She is the Founder & President of The BRAG Media Group, a creative communications company and owns several platforms including – The BRAG Media Company, BRAG! Magazine, The BRAG Club, The BRAG Radio Network, The BRAG Shop and The BRAG Media Foundation.

Listed among the Most Influential Women in the World by Richtopia, in their Top 250 Power list’ as one of only 5 Nigerians on the list (alongside Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Oby Ezekwesili, Abike Dabiri, Amina J. Mohammed).

Alex Okoroji has been featured and mentioned in over 250 Media Platforms around the World like Huffington Post, The Guardian, CNN, The Telegraph, Mogul, The Sun, The New York Journal, Fox, ABC, NBC, Market Watch. She was the first African Woman to be featured in the Women Rock Project in 2016.

Beena Unnikrishnan   

She is an Artpreneur, high profiled professional, artist and serial entrepreneur in India. Beena brings extensive experience of 28 years of diversified multi-functional arts and industries. An ardent believer in economic empowerment and financial independence of all artists, craftspeople and rural artisans, her successful career is testimony to the synergies that can be unleashed between art and mart.

She envisions fostering a culturally vibrant nation through accredited growth of Art and bringing financial freedom to all artists. She has curated her drive into a robust national campaign supported by art veterans and industry stalwarts and launched none other than by Union Cabinet Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari.

Under the aegis of his Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, this project for economically independent artists will develop Art & Craft based industries across the rural – urban artistic clusters, creating 1000 women-owned enterprises. Training and support programmes will be conducted in 700 districts of India to create a million entrepreneurial opportunities for women artists by Dec 2022.

Yasmina Azhari  

She is a Forbes listed businesswoman and a pioneer. Yasmina was selected 4 times by Forbes as one of the 50 most powerful Arab Business Women and was chosen among the most 100 powerful women in the Arab World by the Arabian Business 3 times.

Based in the UAE, she hails from Syria where she was founder of Mira Trading, a company managing malls and supermarkets, as also Vice President of a premier shipping agency representing Maersk Shipping Line and leading it to a prosperous business, notably in a field traditionally dominated by men.

Due to the civil war in Syria, she left the country in 2012 and came to UAE where she established Al Yam International Commercial Brokers 2014 and has a strong network of 40000 parties around the world following up opportunities through her company in Dubai.

With her relentless will, drive, and entrepreneurial charisma, she took the business to greater heights. 

Dr. Anita Davis DeFoe 

She is an African-American leadership and social entrepreneurship consultant from the US Virgin Islands, fostering over two decades of social entrepreneurship and capacity building for the Youth in the Caribbean, Africa with a global outlook and outreach.

She holds a Ph.D. in Organization Behavior and Leadership Development from the University of North Carolina and Antioch University, and Social Entrepreneurship coursework from the Copenhagen School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business.

 A National Career Development Association Accredited Career Services Mentor, Anita has created and crafted unique programs for leadership, expeditionary learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Agriculture, Mathematics (STEAM), entrepreneurship, employability and training skills that have served youth from ages five to 24, assisting a great diversity of people across genders and generations to discover their innate greatness and unique strengths.

Michelle Ferrari   

She is CEO of Great Culture to Innovate®️ in Mexico, a global firm promoting and developing innovative cultures and Partner of Great Place to Work which she led as CEO for two decades.

She works across many multinationals and Fortune 500 companies such as Manpower, UBER, Baxter Pharmaceutical, Edenred, Newell Rubbermaid, USANA, KPMG. She is credited with building the pioneering unique certification program which is now benchmarked by corporates all over Mexico, making it the only golden standard for measuring workplace culture.

Michelle chairs several boards of AmCham, Young President Organization (YPO) as a member of this community and the Global Leadership Council of Great Place to Work. Her work has impacted hundreds of companies with multi thousand employees reaching more than 1 million people touched with this methodology, which has turned the way leaders think of human capital and Human Resources, and the impact it has in their business and social responsibility and employer branding.

Carolina García

She is a women’s football evangelist and leader in the Soccer industry with more than 20 years of management experience especially with organising funding and sponsorships for women’s soccer, becoming the first woman in Argentina dedicated to a business that was earlier the sole reserve of men. A passionate soccer lover and an active seeker of challenges, she was a senior executive in a mining company and then one day soccer knocked on her door along with the world of sales.

A prestigious newspaper put as the headline in their editorial on her: The Woman who best sells soccer in Argentina. In 2008 she was summoned by the Pachuca Club of Mexico, due to her expertise and way of relating to the main players in the industry, to take charge of the Communication of the Club’s History during the landing in Argentina.

Creator with the Foundation of Social Defense (FUDESO) of the First Forum of Development for Sports Equity (FID) supported by private companies and institutions like Buenos Aires Sports, Sports and Recreation of La Plata, etc, Argentina.

Karen Duys

She is a highly experienced senior advisor to governments and social organizations who has worked for governments at local, regional and international levels for over 30 years. She has been committed to concrete cooperation between governments (municipalities, ministries), institutions and small and medium-sized companies between the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. She has greatly contributed to building Netherlands – India exchange.

During her work with the municipality of The Hague for more than 15 years, Karen put the cooperation with India on the Dutch agenda, resulting in many delegations led by the Mayor of Hague to Bangalore resulting in many MOUs with the State government of Karnataka in the areas of care, economy, water and infrastructure. For 10 years Karen also serves as senior advisor to the Mayor of Rotterdam and aldermen of various municipalities.

She also led the implementation of the noted Healthcare and Participation Act at the department of Health and Welfare of the City of the Hague, Netherlands, as well as at the Care.

Dr. Anita Caprice Powell

She is a Poet, Calligrapher and Wordsmith who embodies Oneness and Wisdom with her poised calm and composure that breathes balance and bliss. A poet and writer well before her teenage years, she speaks with Oracle-like energy that paints with her beautiful, powerful spoken performances the vision and imagination of our greater selves, igniting in her audiences the desire to enrich their own lives and that of others by embracing our universal oneness and the shared thought among cultures that there is no distance, no separateness between the Universe and us. Love and kindness connect us all.

No matter what culture, continent, creed we come from, she pours her creative gifts of movement, music, meditation and motivation into creating an alchemy of experience that moves and transforms.

She draws wisdom from all cultures and all parts of the world to bring home the message of Trust, Faith, Connectedness, Interdependence and our Oneness, providing a lease of life to those tormented with loneliness and alienation.

Lakshmy Shankar 

She is CEO & Founder Kaizen consult, a full-service Consulting Firm with a focus on Family Business Advisory, Diversity & Inclusion, Coaching and Training, Educational Services, Counselling, and a valued support for Women Economic Forum (WEF) events in Chennai and Bangalore.

Formerly she was Head of Elizabeth Arden (A Unilever Company with WJ Towell Partnership in Oman) for Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Export to GCC Countries. She also led Business Development at Al Omaneya Advertising, Ministry of Information, Government of the Sultanate of Oman. With cross-disciplinary Majors and Masters in Psychology, Sociology and Economics, she comes from a scholarly family lineage: her paternal great grandfather was a Vedic Scholar and a revered Guru.

Lakshmy is also an advisor to Chiguru Balavikasa Samasthe an NGO engaged in abolition and Rehabilitation of child Labour from the silk twisting industry of Magadi district near Bangalore, Karnataka. Passionate and purpose-driven, she embodies the infinite resourcefulness of her name – Lakshmy – which verily means wealth in every sense.

Mar Introini 

She is a Barrister, Blogger and Political Analyst. An Italian citizen with a legal background as a former Public Attorney specialized in Minors Offenders as National Secretary position nominated by the Executive Board of the National Presidency with approval from the House of Representatives.

With a strong sense of independent thinking and constant learning and cross-cultural experience of living in different cities, as Montevideo, London, Brussels, Geneva, Malaga, Madrid, she brings an inclusive perspective around multiculturalism.

She’s passionate about developing a reshaped model of globalization with a holistic approach toward building resilience and sustainability around societal vulnerabilities, which should be over and above political perspectives – as she learned in her work with a Political Party for 10 years.

As a leader with global goals, she is focused on building an innovative structure for the youth and open platform of engagement based on authentic connection and ethical leadership.

Mireille Toulekima

She is a senior Energy professional, Petroleum Engineer and Women Empowerment advocate. Mireille is the Managing Director of the Perth Australia-based energy company MT Energy Resources Ltd. Her experience spans 4 continents as she worked on billion dollar projects for multinational, international and government companies across Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe in a range of technical and leadership roles for more than 20 years.

She founded STEM Queens in Uganda and Australia in 2018 and 2020, respectively, with the objective to reach out and sponsor African and Indigenous Australian girls and women to embrace STEM and increase women’s participation in STEM sectors.

STEM Queens has for objective to empower at least one million women and girls in STEM by 2025. She has published three books of which: “Local Content Key Enabler for Oil and Gas projects in Emerging Markets: Investing, Developing and Providing Oversight in Countries of Operation” which is now a reference book in universities and organisations across Europe and Africa.

Linda Pereira

She is Senior partner and President of the L&I Communications Group, she is also the CEO of CPL Events. She was considered one of Portugal’s five most influential people in the industry and has received various international education awards as well as the medal of honour for responsible entrepreneurship for her commitment to promoting culture and heritage and for Social Responsibility initiatives. 

In addition to her long and respected career as one of the most influential voices in the Live Communication Industry, she has been an invited speaker in over 149 countries on all continents. Speaker, consultant, strategic communication expert, writer and educator, Message Architect, Entrepreneur, International Consultant, Trainer & Meeting Industry Expert, she is an expert in strategic communication and corporate diplomacy, and has a vast experience in cross-cultural communication strategies, localisation, and public speaking and as a master of ceremonies. 

Sharon Cittone

She is one of Forbes’ most powerful women shaping the future of food. A visionary entrepreneur, she also sits on the Advisory Board of the World Food Programme in Italy, is a Mentor for both Rockstart Agrifood and the FoodTech Accelerator, and is often invited to speak and write on the topic of Food Innovation.

Sharon understood early on that her passion for healthy food was part of a much larger picture, and that challenges like climate change, food insecurity, waste, water conservation, and soil regeneration were intimately related and ripe for disruption. Using her extensive experience in communications and business, Sharon has been at the forefront of building and growing the global food and agtech ecosystem for the better part of a decade.

Her work with start-ups, corporations, investors, policymakers, institutions, and youth landed her the coveted Forbes title. Cittone believes in connecting the dots, creating opportunities for others, and facilitating the collaboration that will lead to systemic change within the food system.

Annabella Nassetti

She is an international luxury interior and product designer born and educated in Italy and living in London since 1997. She has worked on projects across the world and achieved a world-class reputation in delivering unique interiors for private clients and property developers for some of the most notable addresses in the UK and abroad viz.

in the EU, California, Switzerland, and Indonesia – including that of Chalerm Yoovidhya, founder of the Red Bull energy drink; Sir Patrick Head, co-founder and former Engineering Director of the Williams Martini Formula One team; Patrick Crowley, Hollywood film producer of Bourne Ultimatum and Jurassic World; Pranav Trivedi Head of Skadden UK; Celebrity Chef, Judy Joo; and Sanaz Zaimi, CEO, Bank of America Europe.

Annabella’s international background influences the way she sees things, as she understands and appreciates different cultures and their icons. Her design studio, A Living Concept, is a noted architecture atelier that specializes in transforming luxury properties in the UK and abroad.

Bodil Valero

She is a former Member, Swedish Parliament, and European Parliament from 2014 until 2019. She is a member of the Green Party, part of the European Green Party. At the EU Parliament, she served as the green coordinator in the Security and Defence Committee, and was also responsible for migration and foreign affairs, and later of global justice issues such as climate, peace, aid, trade, arms exports and more.

She is committed to finding open, decent and humane policies as solutions to issues of economic migration including refugees, human rights and especially rights of minorities.

She aspires to reduce the risks of conflict, fight against poverty, and encourage fair trade and climate justice. Part of her past lies in Catalonia, where she started one of the very first ecological, organic crop farms high up in the mountains.

Bodil normally divides her time between Sweden and Catalonia where she also runs a sustainable hotel with the farm and is involved in an environmental organization with her husband.

Yanire Braña

She is the Founder and President, MET Community, MET is committed to Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Technology, as a non-profit organization that supports and promotes women entrepreneurship around the globe. Yanire has extensive experience – over 20 years – in change management, training, mentoring and innovation. Her former employers include the Work Bank Group, Inter-American Development Bank, Banco Popular, Accenture, and Booz Allen. Yanire says, “When I joined the financial sector, I felt that professional women were at a disadvantage in the workplace.

Yanire holds a Law degree from the University of Deusto, Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of the Basque Country, and an MBA with concentration in eBusiness from IE Business School. Ms. Brana is currently a PhD candidate at Complutense University of Madrid.

Yanire has recently received a certification in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge. In addition, she holds certifications in Strategy from London Business School, Innovation Strategies from Harvard Business School, and Change Leadership from Georgetown University.

Dr. Petra Kuenkel   

She is the Executive Director, Collective Leadership Institute Executive Committee, International Club of Rome, Germany and South Africa. Petra Kuenkel is transformation psychologist and change management expert, and has been actively engaged in advancing the International Club of Rome for the past 6 years.

She is a thought leader and practitioner in fostering collective action for transformations to a world of human wellbeing and planetary health. With a unique combination of academic rigor and implementation experience she has an in-depth understanding of pathways to stewarding transformative change and understands barriers for change, such as the interconnectedness between the climate crisis and the current dominant economic system.

As the founder of the Collective Leadership Institute, an internationally active NGO, building transformation literacy and collaboration competency for transformative change, she has an in-depth knowledge of challenges in implementing global and local transformations.

Sonia Bashir Kabir

She is the Founder of SBK Tech Ventures, a licensed Venture Capital Fund and the Founder of SBK Foundation, a not for profit which empowers rural communities with technology in Bangladesh.

She was earlier Managing Director of Microsoft for Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal Bhutan & Laos, where she also won the highly prestigious Founders award given by Bill Gates. Educated & Trained in Silicon Valley, Sonia lived for 20 years in the Valley and worked for Fortune 500 companies Sun Microsystems & Oracle, in addition to working with Microsoft and Dell.

Sonia is also currently serving as Vice Chair & Governing Council Member of United Nations Technology Bank appointed by the UN Secretary General; Board Member of UNESCO’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Education and Peace; Dell CXO Advisory Board member for Asia Pacific & Japan; Steering committee member, International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA); BRAC University Bangladesh, board member; Banglalink, a Telecommunications company owned by VEON; IPDC, a Non Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) and Shakti Foundation for disadvantaged women, a Micro Finance Institution (MFI).