Dato’ James S.W Foo

Dato’ James S.W Foo, Chairman & New Profits, Framework Creator, Authority Institute, Malaysia. He has successfully initiated and expanded over 80 businesses, five of which have burgeoned into multi-million dollar enterprises before he reached the age of 40. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has been entrusted with consulting and advisory roles for numerous prominent corporations, NGOs, and SMEs. With a portfolio of three published books and a reputation as a sought-after speaker, he shares his expertise widely. With a global perspective, he has facilitated the closure of more than 90 deals, including a monumental transaction valued at USD 600 million. Holding directorships in 23 companies across three countries and spanning 13 diverse industries, his leadership and strategic vision are widely recognized.

At the age of 36, he was conferred the esteemed title of “DATO” by the King of Malaysia, a testament to his exceptional contributions to business and society. Additionally, he is a distinguished member of the Malaysian MENSA Society, actively involved in various committees and associations such as the SMI Association Malaysia and the Federation of Hainan Association Malaysia.

His international recognition extends to his representation of Malaysia at China’s Bi-annual Conference for the “Eminent Young Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur,” a privilege granted to only two individuals from each country. Moreover, he holds the honorary membership of the Global Excellerated Entrepreneurs Club.

Having served as a Lead ISO Auditor for over a decade, he possesses extensive experience in project management, ensuring the successful execution of initiatives from inception to completion within stipulated timeframes, budgets, and quality standards.