Miguel Reynolds Brandao

Miguel Reynolds Brandao, Founder & CEO CORKBRICK EUROPE, Expert, European Commission, President & CEO, Global Business Brokers, Managing Director, RAZÃO FINAL CONSULTING, Portugal. A Stanford alumni, always learning, curious and independent by nature, he graduated in engineering and management.

He is a serial entrepreneur who started his first venture in his early twenties. Since 1994, he has been strategic management advisor for several institutions in Portugal, Brazil and USA. Author of books and articles in strategic management systems, entrepreneurship, business brokering and teleworking, his last book, published in May 2015, is “The Sustainable Organisation – a paradigm for a fairer society”.

He is currently developing an objective, transparent and accessible criteria to support sustainable, impact, investment worldwide, where criteria includes the gender parity factors.

Today, he mostly works as a business strategist, negotiator, business angel and mentor. He has authored books and articles on strategic management systems, entrepreneurship, business brokering and teleworking and has participated in several international events in the sector as a guest speaker.

He is an international speaker in several areas such as: sustainability; entrepreneurship; strategic management; venture capital; business brokerage; business citizenship; e-work, sustainable integration of specially abled people.