G100: Group of 100 Global Women Leaders

G100 Vision: To create an equal, progressive & inclusive environment for women worldwide. 

G100 Mission: To provide the thought leadership on what needs to be done for inclusivity, safety, economic & social empowerment of women globally, addressing genders gaps and achieving gender parity within this decade. 

There are 100 G100 Wings and each wing has its own Vision Statement as well in addition to the overall G100 Vision.

What is G100? 

 G100 is an empowered group of 100 women leaders from across the world, leading 100 global wings, supported by G100 He for She champions (Denim Club) and 100 Country Chairs for powerful advocacy, awareness & impact across governments and organisations for a gender equal future. 


G100 comprises a league of luminaries of eminence and excellence including Nobel Laureates, Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Philanthropists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Corporate and Community Leaders – a powerful Group of women leaders and achievers from all walks of life who wish to give back and move us all forward as architects of the future.


G100 is an action + think tank that comprises 100 wings/sectors, led by 100 Global Chairs respectively, who further nominate 100 country chairs in 100 countries for global reach and impact. Country chairs further foster communities of 100 members directly or through further distributed leadership of region/state/city/district chairs.  


The blueprint is to have: 100 Global Wings. 100 Country Clubs. 100 Members. Million Gender Champions. G100 is supported by The Denim Club : Group of G100 He-for-She Champions globally, comprising leaders and luminaries from the business, corporate, political and other domains, who support the various G100 wings and chairs in their vision and mandate. Together, we advocate for equity and equality and mitigate barriers to women’s robust

 participation and leadership in all walks of life. 


The G100 Secretariat along with country convenors is leading the 100 meetings and missions globally. We regularly engage with influential policymakers, governments, corporates, universities, foundations, UN, IOs, G7, G20, EU, AU, 

GCC, Commonwealth among others.


It is for the very first time that such a powerful global group of women and men has been constituted to address challenges and drive solutions across 100 different sectors. With further country clubs in 100 countries for each wing, we are creating solid vertical and horizontal linkages for learnings and collaborations among communities at all levels of decision making. It is an influential, inclusive, interdisciplinary and intersectional group of women 

and men from all walks of life who wish to give back and move us all forward as architects of the future.


Together, we provide thought leadership and concrete recommendations to diverse set of stakeholders on whatever 

needs to be done for economic and social empowerment of women and all globally.


Gender equality is no longer a women’s issue or one country’s issue but one that concerns us all. Like in the case of the pandemic, or climate change, or terrorism, gender inequality as well is a global challenge that needs concerted effort by all to combat and overcome. 


With engagement and exchange, we enable gender equality to be viewed and pursued by all as an urgent social and economic imperative toward co-creating a better future for us all. 


We believe that when the force of our solutions exceeds the force of our problems, the mountain of change will move – the shift will occur. 


The G100 offers the myriad strengths and resourcefulness of its network and knowledge in the service of all solutions that further women’s equality, empowerment and leadership.

G100 Denim Club

G100 is also supported by The Denim Club : Group of G100 He-for-She Champions globally, comprising leaders and luminaries from the business, corporate and political domains, each leading a sector of influence and having their companies and institutions in support of gender parity and equality. They will advocate for gender equity and balance, mitigate barriers to women’s leadership, commit to women’s greater C-suite representation, and fuel funding for female founders.

Why ‘Denim’ ? Because it’s symbolic of our common ground. While men may be from Mars and women from Venus; and while girls may grow with pink and boys with blue, denim belongs to all of us equally as a place of comfort for cool and candid conversations. The sturdy denim stands for the solid dialogue between genders and the strength of solidarity that we aspire for. Together we can co-create a better, balanced world for All.


G100 Country Clubs  

Each G100 Global wing is further supported by their 100 Country Clubs. 

Each Country Club has 100 or more members directly or through distributed leadership of its State/Region and City/District  chairs. Membership is open to women and men (latter as Denim Club members). 

The Country Clubs also include the Country Chairs and members of other wings in that country.

So vertically, there 100 countries under one wing. And horizontally, there are 100 wings in one country. Both are woven into the warp and weft of the Country Clubs. 

The blueprint is to have 10,000 Country Clubs (100 Clubs per wing x 100 wings ).


Advisory Councils

 All G100 wings and leadership can form their respective Advisory Councils comprising Advisory Members, viz. influential people and organisations who will support the wing’s vision and mandate. 

Each G100 Global Chair + G100 Denim Club Partner form a Global Advisory Council for their wing. 

Each G100 Country Chair + G100 Denim Club Country Partner form a Country Advisory Council for their wing. 

Each G100 State/Region Chair + G100 Denim Club State/Region Partner form a State/Region Advisory Council for their wing. 

Each G100 City/District Chair + G100 Denim Club City/District Partner form a City/District Advisory Council for their wing. 

The Founder & President forms a President’s Advisory Council in overall support. 


G100 Impact: ELLEGOSSSE 

G100 has pioneered the ELLEGOSSSE framework, as an acronym encapsulating common themes globally as levers of gender equality and empowerment, viz. Education, Legislation, Leadership, Empowerment, Governance, Ownership, Security, Sustainability, Solidarity, Equality. Each of these 10 principles further have 10 recommendations, thus 100 recommendations overall, which are being presented from the G100 to G20 leaders, as also to governments worldwide, including inter-governmental entities and multilateral fora such as across the UN, EU, AU, G7, ASEAN, SAARC, QUAD, as also Universities, Foundations, Corporates, Institutions, Think Tanks, Civil Society, Networks, NGO, International Organisations, et al. With continued emphasis on global and grassroots engagement and activities, our various platforms projects and partnerships will impact 5 million women by 2025.  

Why G100 ? 

Because we are not waiting a 100 hundred years for gender equality.

With collaboration and co-creation, we are committed to join our forces and strengths, globally and at grassroots, for a better world – defining, designing and determining a new future for ourselves with equity, equal opportunity, inclusion and economic empowerment of women, and of all, through the inclusive agency of women, supported by men champions.

We are co-creating a bold and beautiful model of working together in shared vision and aligned actions with gender respect, balance and parity. Our stellar example of solidarity is a shining testimony to the power of women and men walking together in purpose and mutual empowerment for the greater good of a more sustainable, balanced, progressive and peaceful world for all.

Indeed, we do not have to wait for a 100 years for gender parity. It can happen in this decade itself with our shared vision and collective action. The thought leadership and empowered actions by the G100 is a historic opportunity to represent and manifest the dreams and aspirations of millions of women. 

Together, we will unite and amplify the collective voice and vision of women and men worldwide for our parity and progress in the full spirit and spectrum of gender equality, human fulfilment and sustainable development.


With five sister platforms, as five fingers of the hand, in support and solidarity. G100, ALL, WEF, SHEconomy and WICCI, are under mutual auspices, particularly the primary platform of ALL. In order of their creation since 2011, ALL Ladies League (ALL) is a global sisterhood movement in She-for-She spirit uniting women as “sisters beyond borders”; Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a conference platform for women’s greater visibility, voice, recognition and networking for pursuing “business beyond borders”; WICCI is the industry and business chamber for advocating “policies beyond borders”; SHEconomy is an e-commerce platform and app for both goods and services by women entrepreneurs for strengthening “commerce beyond borders”; and G100 is a global platform for joint action empowering “gender equality beyond borders.” 

Together the family of platforms bridge the gaps on various fronts empowering she for she spirit, he for she championship, and all for all solidarity

All platforms together ensure women’s advancement in all walks of life with an integrated vision and inclusive values. With a powerful network of 500,000 women across 150 countries, growing toward Mission Million 2024, and engaging the support of men, these empowering ecosystems are among the largest global communities of women in all their rich diversities, with free outreach and sisterhood support. 

Membership in all cases is free and by invitation only. We are non-political, non-religious, non-dogmatic. Our Core Values and Code of Conduct and Commitments resonate with our thumb rule of All Positivity, No Negativity, with Sisterhood as the organising principle. 

Core Values: Sustainability. Integrity. Diversity. Inclusion. Community. Transparency. Empowerment. Flexibility. Creativity. Peace. 

Core Activities: Networking. Mentoring. Collaborations. Upskilling. Community Building. Thought Leadership. Knowledge Sharing. Global Campaigns. Awards & Recognitions. Policy Recommendations.

Code of Conduct:  Respect. Help. Support. Share. Care. Zero tolerance to misconduct. No Bilateral Issues.

G100 Secretariat 

The G100 Secretariat coordinates all wings and workings in constant support and solidarity to gather, grow, include, inspire, enable and empower the million gender champions, and further foster more.

Protocol for fees/registration for wing events

Kindly don’t raise any funds nor collect any fees or sponsorship in the name of the platform. To implement any wing events, you can have an organising partner who will look after the registrations and cost commitments as required in a non-profit spirit.