Shakti Rises: Together we forge the future 

G100 – Women’s Week India Meetings, Bengaluru & Kochi, 8-15 March, 2023 

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Week and Month globally is a humble reminder of how far we’ve come in closing the gender gap; the path bridged and built by the steps and successes of our predecessors, and the duty to continue and persevere on the path toward taking next big leap with a vision for exponential expansion to ensure that we can bring in as many women and young people into the circles of inclusion and innovation. 
Digital economy has emerged as a great equaliser, and so we reminded ourselves of accelerating actions for bringing women into the SHEconomy, as the next big leap, growing markets, mindsets and money for women-owned businesses. The eponymous app and platform is ready and we need to step up efforts to onboard a million women onto it for the next big leap. 
With women leaders preferring good over greed, putting money in the hands of women becomes ever more crucial for ensuring that money goes into meeting necessities of education, health and opportunities for all, reducing conflict and strife stemming from inequalities and inequities. Financial independence and entrepreneurial growth are powerful engines of equality, empowering women’s voices and value creation in all walks of life. 
On this path, the partnership of men is important as the world is currently male dominated with reigns of power and decision making still in their hands. Expanding the Denim Club of He for She champions thus became our next call to action to support all other platforms viz. ALL and WICCI in addition to G100, so we can bring togetherness in our journey of equality. By engaging Men, the journey of Fe-Men-ism can heal its bonds with men and include those who want to help in common cause and shared vision. 
Convenor: The meetings were convened by the G100 Global Secretariat led by Founder & President Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai in coordination with G100 Global Chairs, Beena Unnikrishnan (Arts Leadership & Film), Lakshmy Shankar (Business Networking), with Denim Club Partner (Arts Leadership), Mr. Jain Joseph, along with G100 India Country Chair, Shikha Sharma (Food Innovation), WICCI National Council for Diversity & Inclusion (Lakshmy Shankar and Priya Vishwanathan), supported by ALL Chapters in Karnataka (Suchitra Kaul), Kerala (Nirmala Lily) and Tamilnadu (Abirami Vivek). 
8 – 10 March, Bengaluru, 13-15 March, Kochi 
8 March
International Women’s Day Celebrations 
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum 
9 March 
Meetings with Members 
10 March 
Grand Ball Room, Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore
Institute of Directors in association with Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) And the Club G100 presents: 
Women Leadership Conclave: 2023
Inaugural Session
09:00 To 09:30 AM – Registration & Welcome Tea & Coffee
09:30 To 09:35 AM – Welcome Address: Brigadier Rajeev Kapoor (Retd.).Regional Director, IOD Bangalore
09:35 To 09:45 AM – Inaugural Address: Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai
     Founder – G100 | Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) | ALL Ladies League (ALL) | Women Economic Forum (WEF) | SHEconomy
09:45 To 10:00 AM – Chief Guest Address: Justice MN Venkatachaliah – Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
10:00 To 10:10 AM – Special Address: Maharaja Kumari Kamakshi Devi Wadiyar -Mysuru Royal Family
10:10 To 11:15 AM – Presentation of “Certificate of Appreciation” from World Book of Records – London to Dr. Khadar Vali – Millet Man of India
      – Keynote Address: Dr. Khadar Vali – Millet Man of India      
11:15 To 11:25 AM – Regional Chairman Address: Shri. Arun Balakrishnan
                                 Chairman – IOD Bangalore, Frm CMD, HPCL & HMEL
11:25 To 11:35 AM – Special Address: Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan – Managing Trustee, World Ayurveda Foundation
11:35 To 11:45 AM – Unveiling of Journal – Ms. Prerita Chauthaiwale
11:35 to 11:45PM – Tea & Coffee Break
Panel Discussion – I
11:45AM to 12:45PM
Women Leadership – Activating a Collective Vision: Inspiring & Engaging Women in Business
Introduction: Mr R.G. Rajan, Zonal Director of IOD (Former Chairman, RCF Ltd & Former Chairman, SCOPE)
Opening Address: Dr. Chindi Vasudevappa, Ex Vice Chancellor of NIFTEM
Moderator: Mr. J Sundharesan, Governance, Compliance& Sustainability Advisor
• Mr. GK Suresh, Former VP, New Product Development, ITC
• Mr Baranidharan, Founder Director, Chef’s Imprint
• Ms. Jyothi,General Counsel and Vice Presidentof ‘Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited
Panel Discussion – II
12:45PM to 01:45 PM
Opportunity & Challenges in Harnessing the Potentials of Millet Industry
Introduction: Mr R.G. Rajan, Zonal Director of IOD (Former Chairman, RCF Ltd & Former Chairman, SCOPE)
Opening Address: Prof. Raghunath, Chairman – South Asia Board – Academy of International Business
Moderator: Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy,Founder & CEO Catalyze Centre for Learning
    National President – WICCI: Online Education Council
    Global Advisory member G100 Business Networking
• Mrs.Jayanthi Ramanan, Consultant Advisor Seva International
• Ms.Selvalakshmi.KM,  Entrepreneur – Food Industry
• Ms.Deepa Madhusudan Patil, Farmer. Millet Farming
• Ms.Ruchika Bhuwalka, Health and Nutrition Enthusiast – Founder : Millet Amma
01:45 PM – Reflections and Closing Remarks
Ms.Priya Vishwanathan
General Manager – ama Stays & Trails · The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)
Followed by Networking Millets Lunch
13-15 March 
13-14 March 
Preparatory Meetings: 
Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan 
Artist, Artpreneur & Founder – KT-ACED trust
G100 Global Chair, Arts Leadership 
Mr. Jain Joseph 
Founder & Director FAAP, Founder & Chairman Neo Film School
G100 Denim Club Partner, Arts Leadership 
Dr. Nirmala Lily, the second woman to lead as President of Kerala Management Association (KMA), in its 65 years. She also CEO Infinity Hospitality Services, President of Kerala Management Association, Kerala State President , All Ladies League and Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)
15 March 
Launch of Center for Positive Gender Power in Art & Design, CGP+, Neo Film School : FAAP (Film As a Profession) & OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF CGP+
9.30 AM Opening Address by Beena Unnikrishnan, Executive Director, FAAP. Welcomes guests and presents future plans of FAAP and mission of CGP+ 
9.35 Inaugural address by Vinay Rai, Philosopher, Philanthropist, Author , Educationist, Founder & President, G100 Denim Club 
9.40 Chairman’s Address by Mr. Jain Joseph. FTII. IIM, Founder, Director FAAP. Founder. Chairman, Neo Film School. Purpose of CGP+ in FAAP. Center for positive gender power. ‘Global Production Protocol.’
9.50 Official Launch of CGP+ by Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, Chancellor – Rai University, Rai Technology University, Jharkant Rai University , Founder G100. 
Logo revealing by Dr.Harbeen Arora Rai  with Mr. Vinay Rai, Mr.Sibi Malayil, Mr.Jain Joseph, Mrs. Sophia Paul, Mrs.Beena Unnikrishnan
10.00 Plenary Speakers : Mr. Siby Malayil 
   Indian Filmmaker, Advisory Council- FAAP
    School Director – Neo Film School. Kochi.
10.05 Mrs. Sophia Paul, Indian Film Producer 
Founder. CEO, Weekend Block Busters
10 . 30 Curator’s Note: 
Mr. Leo Thaddeus , Indian Filmmaker.
Vice Chairman Academics, Neo Film School.
Mr. BIKAS  MISHRA, Writer & Director
11.45 Q & A 
Ms.PRIYA SREEDHARAN , Founder & Producer, Open Air films  
Mr. SHELTON PINHEIRO, Executive Creative Director Stark Communications
1.15 Wrap Up and Lunch 
2:30pm to 4pm: Meet & Greet and High Tea with WICCI Councils and ALL Members in Kerala 
Welcome note by Dr. Nirmala Lilly
President note by Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai
Guest note by Mr. Jain Joseph FTII, IIM
Guest note by Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan
High-tea and inspiring conversations celebrating women “Being the Change”