Women’s Week India Meetings, Bengaluru & Kochi, 8-15 March, 2023 

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Week and Month globally is a humble reminder of how far we’ve come in closing the gender gap; the path bridged and built by the steps and successes of our predecessors, and the duty to continue and persevere on the path toward taking next big leap with a vision for exponential expansion to ensure that we can bring in as many women and young people into the circles of inclusion and innovation. 

Digital economy has emerged as a great equaliser, and so we reminded ourselves of accelerating actions for bringing women into the SHEconomy, as the next big leap, growing markets, mindsets and money for women-owned businesses. The eponymous app and platform is ready and we need to step up efforts to onboard a million women onto it for the next big leap. 

With women leaders preferring good over greed, putting money in the hands of women becomes ever more crucial for ensuring that money goes into meeting necessities of education, health and opportunities for all, reducing conflict and strife stemming from inequalities and inequities. Financial independence and entrepreneurial growth are powerful engines of equality, empowering women’s voices and value creation in all walks of life.


Kochi Meetings