G100 Commonwealth Meetings, London, UK, 1-3 Nov 2023 along with Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) 

Bridge the Gap, Bring the Balance, Beat the Bias, Birth the Future: Empowering the Commonwealth with Common Grounds, Common Gains 


The G100 Commonwealth Meetings took place alongside the 100th edition of the Women Economic Forum (WEF) in London, UK with participation of over 1000 delegates and speakers from nearly 100 countries. London being a cosmopolitan hub welcomed all with warmth and ease. 


The Commonwealth countries with shared colonial history comprise many cultures and continents connecting people and women across Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia and others. Representing a third of the world’s population of 2.5 billion people, of which India alone is the largest demographic of 1.4 billion people, strengthening commerce and cultural exchange across the commonwealth is a compelling case for promoting cooperation for peace, education, democracy, development and businesses. The lever of the commonwealth connectivity can equally help in aligning vision and values for advancing women’s enterprise and empowerment across the 56 Countries of the Commonwealth with greater sharing of best practices and partnerships for inclusive growth and development empowering economies and societies.