The G100 Commonwealth Meetings took place alongside the 100th edition of the Women Economic Forum (WEF) in London, UK with participation of over 1000 delegates and speakers from nearly 100 countries. London being a cosmopolitan hub welcomed all with warmth and ease.

The Commonwealth countries with shared colonial history comprise many cultures and continents connecting people and women across Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia and others. Representing a third of the world’s population of 2.5 billion people, of which India alone is the largest demographic of 1.4 billion people, strengthening commerce and cultural exchange across the commonwealth is a compelling case for promoting cooperation for peace, education, democracy, development and businesses. The lever of the commonwealth connectivity can equally help in aligning vision and values for advancing women’s enterprise and empowerment across the 56 Countries of the Commonwealth with greater sharing of best practices and partnerships for inclusive growth and development empowering economies and societies.

The milestone moment of the 100th Women Economic Forum (WEF) edition also marked the launch of a free digital portal for women, SHEconomy (www.SHEconomy) with a Mission Million – creating a free digital space for one million women-owned business, be it in products or services, to build their businesses and boost their sales through engagement with our massive global community. The aim is to ensure more money goes in the hands of women, where money grows better and gives back better, in favour of community good where health, education, wellbeing and sustainability become priorities of profit and power, and not it’s casualties.

On SHEconomy, corporates and public institutions can also find women-owned businesses in one place for their supply chains and procurement needs. As was shared by one of the speakers, “The world’s women represent 39% of world employment but only 27% of managerial positions. Women purchase 80% of the world’s goods but women-owned businesses win less than 1% of procurement contracts from governments and business, hold only 10% of the world’s wealth and have just 1% of the property rights.“

In a recent study shared in Harvard Business Review, “Gender inequality is due to bias, not differences in behavior. Bias, as we define it, occurs when two groups of people act identically but are treated differently. Our data implies that gender differences may lie not in how women act but in how people perceive their actions. For example, consider female mentorship programs that try to connect high-potential women with management. If women talk to leadership at similar rates as men, then the problem isn’t lack of access but how those conversations are viewed.” (Source:

The G100 club meetings held alongside came up with recommendations to Bridging the various Gender Gaps and Empowering the Common Wealth of the People with Common Grounds, Common Gains through uniting Women across the Commonwealth. A strategic partnership in synergy is also in place with the Commonwealth Business Women Network headquartered in London at the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The many meetings at WEF, Commonwealth, City Hall and Nehru Centre resonated with the refrains of how to co-create a world where All can thrive and where humanity can flourish in solidarity and sustainability. The urgent needs are toward Bridging the Gap on many fronts especially regards economic, entrepreneurial, security, social and mentoring infrastructure for women to thrive; Bringing the Balance with intentional legislations and policies such as for free and affordable childcare support, promoting women on boards and political leadership; Beating the Bias of mindsets with media support, exposure to real role models, and continuing conversations across cultures, for fostering the momentum and mindfulness needed for Birthing the Future we all seek.


Krishna Pujara, G100 Global Chair, Anti-Gender Based Violence, with abiding support of G100 Denim Club Partner, Lord Rami Ranger.
And Secretariat led by Founder & President, Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai
With support of Vinay Rai, Founder & President G100 Denim Club

Special thanks to :
Enfield Saheli,
Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN),
UK – India Business Council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)
Participants: G100 Global Chairs Country Chairs across 22 wings, along with robust participation of country clubs. Grateful regards to sisters and global chairs who volunteered for Emcee roles.


Preparatory meetings:
27 October
Morning : G100 Global Chair for Philanthropy, Business & Poverty Eradication, Datin Hartini Osman, along with Malaysian delegation met with YAB Dato Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia visiting London.
Evening: Welcome Meeting with Global Chairs
Meeting with Baroness Anne Jenkin of Kennington

28-31 October
Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) at Sattavis Patidar Centre in Wembley.

31 October
Dinner hosted by
Sardar Patel Memorial Society UK
Celebrating The Spirit of Unity

1 nov
2:30pm to 4pm
G100 event in City Hall London
Hosted by London Assembly Member Councillor Krupesh Jadavji Hirani

Special address by:
Excellency Theodora Roosevelt Clarke: MP, UK, Conservative
on Women in Public Life and Policy Making
Attended by G100 global chairs and country chairs

2 Nov
2pm to 3pm
Marlborough House. Meeting with Arif Zaman, FRSA, Executive Director, Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN). Arif is also on the President’s Advisory Council at G100.

G100 – CBWN roundtable at Commonwealth Secretariat Marlborough House London, on pre-COP28 Gender and Climate Change. Moderated by Arif Zaman, Speakers included G100 Global Chairs across 4 wings viz. Development & Social Finance (Dr. Racha Abdrabbo Haffar), Family Businesses & Future of Work (Muhra Almuhairi), Design & Lifestyle (Annabella Nassetti), Philanthropy, Business and Poverty Eradication (Datin Hartini Osman).

6:30pm – 8pm
G100 creative cultural performance at Nehru Center London.
Theme: Commonwealth of People – A Creative Confluence of Culture and Connection for the World as One Family (Vasudev Kutumbkam)
In resonance with the G20 India presidency theme of Vasudev Kutumbkam (World as One Family ) and G100 Commonwealth meetings. The G100 group of global leaders along with WICCI UK – India business council presented an interdisciplinary performance by leaders from various walks of life and from all parts of the world interweaving creative expressions of universal oneness – poem, song, dance, story, reflection, prose, instrument, movement, and music.

Directed by Beena Unnikrishnan, G100 Global Chair, Arts Leadership & Films
And by Soul Sister Alex Okoroji, G100 Global Chair, Media Arts & Communication

3 Nov
One on One meetings

4 Nov
G100 Diwali Dinner

8 Nov (follow up meeting)
Diwali Dinner at 10 Downing Street

Hosted by UK PM Rishi Sunak
Attended by : Krishna Pujara, G100 Global Chair, Anti-Gender Based