G100 Law & Justice wing led by Judge Carmen Velásquez, celebrated International Women’s Day at the UN with a forum on: “Law, Justice and Empowerment of Women Judges, in the United States and the World.” The event gathering legal and civil leaders from different parts of the world including from Ghana, Mexico, Ecuador, was supported by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic – a testimony to the power of togetherness. Ambassador Johana Cedeño of the Dominican Republic lauded the approach of women supporting women, which manifested the event an and is indeed a key driver of accelerating equity and equality, be it in any domain or country. 

Judge Velasquez opened the meeting with a perspective on gains made in the past and a vision for the future. She shared that  “In the US, it was in 1928 that we had a female Judge for the first time”, and that it has taken 95 years to have 6056 female judges in the entire United States, with 4 female judges on the US Supreme Court.” Parity would be the next milestone and it can be achieved collectively.