It was a great experience with much learning and insights guiding our onward path. Everyone we met was most warm and welcoming, appreciated our endeavour, and helped us onward. 

When we put a group of people together, in environments of trust and togetherness, everyone contributes and co-creates a better tomorrow by pooling in respective strengths. Such has been our experience across all our platforms, and it was proven yet again at the highest echelons of thought leadership at our G100 – UN Meetings in Geneva.

Passionate in our purpose and enthusiastic in our endeavours, we shared across all our meetings that if we can all focus on SDG 5 of Gender Equality, with the same sense of urgency as the climate actions, then we can easily achieve ALL the other SDGS by 2030 via the inclusive and all-enabling goal of gender equality. By focusing on SDG 5, we can unleash the powerful potential of women’s creativity, enterprise and leadership, and ensure their robust participation in all walks of economy and society. Indeed, gender equity and quality can be achieved in this decade itself by our concerted actions and we do not have to wait a hundred years. 



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