LATAM Meetings: Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, 18 July – 29 July 2023 (17 Country Tracks)

The first part of our LATAM meetings took place for a week in Chile, followed by second part in Costa Rica and concluding in Colombia, with outreach to 17 countries across Latin America, along side the Women Economic Forum (WEF) events. 
It was a phenomenal fortnight of inspiration and learning, through connections and conversations across communities and with decision making authorities, toward strengthening collaboration and co-creation in multi stakeholder partnerships, empowering our shared aims for inclusive growth and accelerating actions for equality and empowerment in every possible way, especially economic and entrepreneurial. 
The issues confronted across the region were similar with differing nuance, albeit one common concern stood out prominently: the disconnection with one’s own roots and culture, fragmentation of social fabric and family, worsening economic gaps, fomenting a sort of spiritual vacuum with weakening of resilience, self-belief and strength of spirit. To overcome this the barrier, the journey to one’s own roots became an essential starting points and gave direction to our dialogues. Importantly, this has been a consistent issues across all our meetings, as a pointer to the role of healing and harmony across all, beyond borders and genders.