100 Commitments for a better future: Small Steps and Giant Leaps paving the way

G100 – UK, London Meetings, 29 March -1 April 2022

The G100 global meetings took place in London with a beautiful international Women’s day event hosted by Lord Rami Ranger for the global G100 group at the House of Lords. With 100 participants from across the G100 network, including Global Chairs, Denim Club Partners and Country Chairs from 20 sectors such as Anti-Domestic Abuse led by Krishna Pujara, CEO Enfield Saheli.

Along with leaders and influencers from the UK, the gala gathering at the historic Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, the leaders launched the ambitious 100 commitments for a gender equal future and a better world for all. These will be given on the G100 website as guiding principles. 

Aesthetics, history, power and possibility converged in this august house of the UK Parliament, and as one gentleman from the UK remarked, the first time ever that he had ever seen, the House of Lords hosting a female majority event – never before had he seen that. Just the mention of that great symbolic leap forward sent the gathering in spontaneous applause. It uplifted our energies to feel the power of possibility and believe that every step counts in this journey, which with every passing milestone feels more and more like a pilgrimage, where we have all undertaken to commit ourselves wholly and soulfully to the change we seek. 

A most inspiring backdrop to the blossoming co-creation ignited inspiration in the room and a beautifully curated three hour program brought us in contact with the contributions of the community as part of the G100 Awards presented to women and men who have been consistently paving the way for us all to have more grace and goodness in our environment and lives. 

The book of Late Harbans Kaur (Mother of Broken India) was also introduced by Krishna Pujara. She shared Late Mrs. Kaur’s life story of grit, courage and resilience in the testing times of India’s partition and how despite the odds she touched so many lives with her leadership and helpfulness. She requested everyone to read the book which was given to everyone in a goody bag and requested Dr. Harbeen to present the posthumous Award of Legendary Women of the Decade in Service to Society to Lady Renu Ranger, wife of Lord Ranger, in honor of his mother, Late Harbans Kaur.

The follow up meetings took place the next day with over 100 women entrepreneurs and supportive men who joined us at the London Marriott Marble Arch. Over tea and refreshments, we had an informal exchange of moving the microphone around to ensure that everyone in the room could share their story and every voice could be heard. 

Sisterhood bands were exchanged to strengthen the She-for-She bonds, so integral as an organising principle to our richly diverse global group. It has been our constant endeavour over the past decade across all our platforms to ensure that women are women’s best friends and we can together address and resolve our shared struggles with collective efforts. 

The experience was beautifully bookended by the generous invitation by convenor Krishna Pujara welcoming us all in the inner sanctum of her home. The circle of trust and togetherness broadened as we all, from different countries, bonded and built our global cohesiveness and consciousness in the metaphorical breaking of the bread together. 

The following day was spent mostly with independent meetings amongst the delegation members whilst exploring iconic sites and sights, riding the black cabs together. 

Convenor & Navigator: We extend our deepest gratitude to our Convenor of the London meetings, Krishna Pujara, G100 Global Chair – Anti – Domestic Abuse, greatly supported in the mission by her Global Denim Club Partner, Lord Rami Ranger. We are most grateful for their stellar stewardship of our mission for a gender equal and inclusive world for all. 

Participating Delegates 

G100 Secretariat Global Team
1. Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder & President, G100 Club 
2. Vinay Rai – Founder & President, G100 Denim Club 
3. Suman Gahlawat – Secretary General 

Global Chairs
1. Krishna Pujara – Anti-Domestic Abuse
2. Beena Unnikrishnan – Arts Leadership 
3. Karen Duys – Education 
4. Madi Sharma – Communication & Advocacy* (exited) 
5. Annabella Nassetti – Design & Lifestyle 
6. Chantal Yelu Mulop – Human Rights 
7. Rafaela Rica – Digital Media
8. Lizbeth Goodman – STEM Education
9. Baiba Rubesa – Diversity on Boards
10. Audrey Mothupi – Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data
11. Claudia V. Massei – Digital Literacy
12. Lucia de Luca – Pay Parity & Corporate Transformation
13. Anja Carron – Circular Economy 
Global Denim Club Partners 
1. Dr. Colin Keogh – STEM Education 
2. Lord Rami Ranger – Anti-Domestic Abuse 
3. Murat Bayizit – Digital Media
Global Denim Club Advisory Members 
1. Jatin Khanna – Communication & Advocacy 

G100 Awardees felicitated at the House of Lords 

1. Ritu Prakash Chhabria, Board Member, Finolex Industries Ltd., India 
2. Kalpana Saroj, Chairperson at Kamani Tubes Ltd, India 
3. Shelina Mawani, Visionary Businesswoman and “Samosa Queen” behind Nana’s Kitchen & Hot Sauce Ltd, Canada 
4. Avnish Goyal, Chair, Hallmark Care Homes, UK. 
5. Esther McLaughlin, Ex Chairperson, Saheli Enfield, UK
6. Late. Harbans Kaur, Mother of Lord Rami Ranger, UK 
7. Baroness Deborah Stedman-Scott, Member of House of Lords, UK 
8. Ruchi Ghanashyam, Former Indian High Commissioner to UK 
9. Sharad Parikh, Chairman, Gita Foundation and former Chair of National Council of Gujarati Organisations, UK 
10. Emma Rigby, Founder/Director, Love Your Doorstep Community, UK 
11. Sushma Bhanot, Co Director at Coolherbals, UK 


29th March: 
7pm: House of Lords Networking 
Reception, G100 Awards, followed by dinner 
Venue: House of Lords
Attendees : 100 

30 March 
1PM – 3PM: Global Chairs & Denim Partners Luncheon 
Venue: London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch 
Attendees: 20

3PM – 5 PM : G100 Networking Meet & Greet 
Venue: London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch
Event Space: Westmacott Suite
Attendees : 100 

31 March 
10am onward: Independent meetings 

6 PM : G100 Global Chairs Reception & Dinner hosted by convenor Krishna Pujara at her residence 
Venue: 3 Collier Drive, Edgware, HA8 5RU
Attendees : 30

1 April 
Open day 


“It is time that we treat gender inequality as a societal issue instead of thinking of it as a ‘Women’s issue.’ The presence of so many influential and iconic leaders at our meetings, in support of our common cause bears testimony to the fact that we all choose the change and are ready to put in the efforts required for it.” – Krishna Pujara

“Individual small steps and collective giant leaps can propel us toward the balance and change we seek in this decade itself – the decade of action by the UN also slated for the delivery of UN SDGs, notably SDG 5 of gender quality. By the equal and robust participation of women all the SDGs can easily be achieved. The G100 group’s sustained endeavours are steps in that direction. “ – Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai