Europe Road Trip Meetings, 16 May – 4 June 2023 (4 country tracks)

G100 club meetings in Europe across 4 countries, travelling from Cannes to Paris via Turin, Geneva, Basel, Luxembourg brought together global and country chairs across wings, weaving a wondrous tapestry of transformation and paving the path for all of us to energise our global solidarity for actions that open doors, mitigate barriers and usher change. 

Walking the red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film festival, showcasing the 64 Yoginis Shakti project and documentary on a series of 64 paintings by Beena Unnikrishnan that celebrate the Sacred Feminine in each, walking on the streets of Paris, making the worlds of arts and business converge in Luxembourg, the club members benefitted from an elevated experiment and experience of a 4 country road tour, literally paving a new way, a new wave of change through weaving a work in progress, with a heart centered process of collective action, involving and awakening in one and all the power to build, lead, connect and reach to communities all around in inclusion and innovation.