Edmond Hajrizi

 Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, is an academic, entrepreneur, and expert in the fields of management, information technology, and engineering. As the Founder, President, and CEO of the University for Business and Technology (UBT), he has led the institution since 2001, driving its growth and establishing it as a premier higher education institution in the region. His strategic vision has been pivotal in developing and executing plans that align with the university’s mission, ensuring long-term sustainability and excellence.

Dr. Hajrizi holds a Doctorate Degree in System Management from the Vienna University of Technology, where he also served as a Lecturer and Research Project Manager. His academic credentials are complemented by a Post Doc from City University London, a Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Automation Technology, and a Graduate Degree in Engineering from the University of Prishtina. His educational background is enriched by various certifications in quality management, business excellence, and project management from esteemed institutions like the City University London and the European Organization for Quality.

Throughout his career, he has been deeply involved in the academic and technological community. He has led numerous research projects and has been a prolific author, contributing to various international conferences and journals. His publications cover a wide range of topics, including intelligent manufacturing systems, quality management, and technological innovation.

Recognized for his outstanding achievements, Dr. Hajrizi has received numerous awards, including the Personality of the Year in Kosovo, Excellence Award in Teaching, and the ICT Academic of the Year Award by the Albanian ICT Awards. His leadership in education and technology has earned him global recognition, including the EON Power User Award and membership on the board of EON Reality, a world technology giant. He was awarded the “Best Innovative Education 2021” by the Annual Balkan Business Awards in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the “BOOKS for PEACE 2022” awarded from FUNVIC, Brazil club Unesco BFUCA-WD FUCA Europe, ANASPOL, and IADPES. He also received the Gold Medal for Merit by the Pan-Albanian Federation “VATRA”.

His commitment to innovation, quality education, and community engagement continues to drive progress in the academic and technological landscapes of Kosovo and beyond. His dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity at UBT ensures that the institution remains at the forefront of educational and technological advancements.