Dr. Colin Keogh

Dr. Colin Keogh, Founder – Sapien Innovation/TeamOSV/Rapid Foundation, Research Engineer – University College Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Colin Keogh is an award-winning innovative Engineer, with successful background in innovative technologies in the Engineering, Business and Innovation sectors.

He is an active innovation consultant, supporting the innovation and commercialisation of both commercial and EU funded research projects as an expert advisor, mentor and consultant. He has led ground-breaking research in the Energy, SDG’s, Additive Manufacturing and Innovation fields at multiple global universities, with a focus on technology forecasting, enhanced innovation methodologies, additive manufacturing, applied impact and integrating advanced technologies into social, environmental, philanthropic and entrepreneurial activities.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s in Energy Systems Engineering from UCD and a PhD in Engineering from UCD focusing on developing new global innovation methodologies leading to the development of his own advanced Innovation methodology, “The Double Helix Method”.
He is a leader in the Irish start-up space, and advocate for open-source & open education and a regular academic lecturer in numerous STEM fields in Irish, European, Asian and US institutions, with a focus on STEM, Innovation & Entrepreneurial subjects. He has a passion for STEM which he shares as an active science communicator with some of the worlds largest STEM organisations, Universities and events.

He co-founded a social enterprise in 2014, The Rapid Foundation, which aims to disperse 3d printing technology to 3rd world locations and conduct printing workshops with schools globally. Its goal is to change the way developmental aid is distributed, and improve the innovation potential of all people, regardless of their circumstances. Colin is also cofounder of Sapien Innovation, an innovation consultancy specialising in applied innovation, creativity and design thinking services and co-founder of TeamOSV, one of the world’s largest open source projects aimed at developing low-cost ventilators in response to global supply shortages during the Covid 10 pandemic.

He is an active technology consultant and serial start-up founder, advising a number of companies and bodies, from small start-ups to government departments, in areas such as disruptive technologies, engineering practice, advanced energy systems, innovation, design and early stage growth & prototyping.

 His many accolades include being named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for Europe in Science and Healthcare, as one of JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young People, as a Nissan Generation Next Ambassadors Irelands IT & Tech Professional of the Year and as one of the youngest ever winners of an Irish Research Council Research Award, winning the 2020 Irish Research Council Impact Award.