Bangladesh Meetings, Dhaka, 21-24 November 2022 along with IWES and WICCI Bangladesh Awards

Being in Bangladesh was a milestone moment in our global meetings – witnessing the influence and impact of one of the greatest and longest serving women leaders as female head of government: Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

The progress of Bangladesh especially in health and education, poverty alleviation as well as ownership and rights has been a result of a conscious policy of care and inclusion to energise the nation. That most of these initiatives have been geared towards women highlights how women are at the center of the ripple effect of development. 

The right of Health is enshrined in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. A 20 years strategic plan of universal healthcare was put in place focussing on awareness and education especially regards nutrition, pregnancy, and vaccination. Along came implementation through female front line health workers and door to door family planning services, leading to dramatic improvements in indicators such as maternal and child health.