UAE Meetings, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, 18-22 September 2023   

UAE united in 1970; for 53 years it’s been home to people from various countries and cultures. With over 200 nationalities living and working in the UAE, the country is a powerhouse of talent and a shining beacon of creativity and possibilities for people from all backgrounds. 

UAE is unique in having 88% of its population comprising expats and foreigners. A favourable tax regime and inclusive environment for all strata of society while being anchored in the native Emirati culture provides the perfect blend and balance of tradition and modernity moving forward in synergy and solidarity with the rest of the world, embracing and advancing opportunities for a better future for all. 

The vision of UAE since its inception is testimony to the power of national vision and international integration with accelerated actions, enablement of all, and commitment to deliver with an ethos of continuous improvement and development, and making one feel at home with perspectives and policies for empowerment of one and all.

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