G100 – spain, madrid Meetings, 12 may 2022


The morning in Madrid was blessed by a visit to the Plaza Margaret Thatcher where we reconnected to the legacy of our leaders in history and recommitted ourselves to making women more visible through more of such dedications, such as by naming streets, building sculptures, commissioning art projects and performances, for women in the past and present, who are prominent guides and guardians for generations of women. 

It was followed by a breakfast meeting with leaders and luminaries kindly hosted by the IE University. Women and men gathered from the fields of business, academia, entrepreneurship, technology, among others. Isabela Alcazar, Global head of sustainability at IEU opened the meeting with a welcome address sharing about the University’s commitment toward gender equality and sustainability. 

35+ people shared their vision for gender equality through personal stories and professional learnings. All were generously committed to the process of partnering for change, for it is only through solidarity that new structures for creation can be forged and traditional institutions can be transformed through respect for inclusion and dialogue with diversity. 


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