Transforming Tradition with Diversity & Inclusion: Breaking through mental glass ceilings and opening mindsets 


The morning in Madrid was blessed by a visit to the Plaza Margaret Thatcher where we reconnected to the legacy of our leaders in history and recommitted ourselves to making women more visible through more of such dedications, such as by naming streets, building sculptures, commissioning art projects and performances, for women in the past and present, who are prominent guides and guardians for generations of women.

It was followed by a breakfast meeting with leaders and luminaries kindly hosted by the IE University. Women and men gathered from the fields of business, academia, entrepreneurship, technology, among others. Isabela Alcazar, Global head of sustainability at IEU opened the meeting with a welcome address sharing about the University’s commitment toward gender equality and sustainability. 

35+ people shared their vision for gender equality through personal stories and professional learnings. All were generously committed to the process of partnering for change, for it is only through solidarity that new structures for creation can be forged and traditional institutions can be transformed through respect for inclusion and dialogue with diversity.

The men at the table volunteered to join the Denim Club, the He for She platform supporting the G100 Club in its mandate. They would like to especially help in the area of mindset change and breaking through mental glass ceilings among all that inhibit the rise of women. Consultations also continue with IEU on best synergies for engagement and collaboration.

El Economista extended its ardent support to our cause of gender equality by producing an event along with our conference platform the Women Economic Forum (WEF) on the theme of “The Reality of Feminine Leadership.” We shared how Feminine leadership, qualitatively and quantitatively, is the least tapped resource and yet it is the last mile that must be covered for sustainability, peace, renewal, balance and harmony. 

Fellowship at lunch was followed by a thought provoking session at Kibo ventures lamenting the lack of funding for female founders, and the lack of visibility of female founders as well. The refrain of ‘where’s the funding for women founders” is often matched by “but where are the women founders?”   This theme came up often during all our meetings across Europe, making us ever more determined to boost efforts for the SHEconomy to thrive. We have already initiated the eponymous platform and app for women owned businesses worldwide. We now have to promote it widely through a set of concerted actions.

The evening was joyfully celebrated at the reception hosted by the H.E. Dinesh Patnaik, Ambassador of India to Spain. He was glad to learn of our new milestones and offered his kind support as always. Discussions floated from art to food and around safety of women especially in the evenings on roads given the “machismo” culture; the latter made us realise once again that we had miles to go before we sleep. 

We persevere with hope, positivity and actions. 

Convenors: We extend our deepest gratitude to our Convenors of the Spain meetings, Michelle Ferrari, G100 Global Chair – Human Resources and Yanire Brana, G100 Global Chair – Mentoring & Motivation. Along with country chairs, they prepared a most enriching program for us all.

Participating Delegates 

G100 Secretariat Global Team
       1.Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder & President, G100 Club 
       2.Vinay Rai – Founder & President, G100 Denim Club

Global Chairs
       1. Michelle Ferrari – Human Resources
       2. Yanire Brana – Mentoring & Motivation
       3. Mar Introini – Global Networking

Global Denim Club Partners

       1. Juan Verde – Essential Infrastructure Services

Country Chairs

Wide representation of country chairs from many wings



 8:30am Breakfast meeting at IE University convened by Yanire Brana

12:30 Media interaction with El Economista, partners for the Women Economic Forum (WEF) – IberoAmerica, convened by Michelle Ferrari 


1:30 Lunch meeting at Amos, Rosewood 

4:00 Meeting with Kibo Ventures 

6pm Reception hosted by the Ambassador of India to Spain