Europe & Americas Meetings, 22 January to 22 March 2024 

Much is Done and Much is Needed: Enabling the inner leader in all and many partnerships for peace. 

Meet & Greet Schedule. 22 Events across UK, EU, Mexico, USA, starting and closing in London, UK. (London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, 3 events in New York – UN CSW 68, Taguspark (Lisbon), Gland & Bern (Switzerland), Boston, Philadelphia, and London.) 

In our enduring efforts to champion women’s leadership, empowerment, and gender equality, G100 organised a series of 22 events spanning the UK, EU, Mexico, and the USA from January 22nd to March 22nd 2024. These events served as platforms for significant discussions, collaborations, and initiatives aimed at bridging gender gaps and fostering international cooperation for a gender-equal future. 

Several key highlights marked these gatherings. A brief summary is given here while more is mentioned in the program details or in the agenda included in consolidated pdf file of all the programs enclosed as well.