Meet & Greet Schedule. 22 Events across UK, EU, Mexico, USA, starting and closing in London, UK. (London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, 3 events in New York – UN CSW 68, Taguspark (Lisbon), Gland & Bern (Switzerland), Boston, Philadelphia, and London.) 
In our enduring efforts to champion women’s leadership, empowerment, and gender equality, G100 organised a series of 22 events spanning the UK, EU, Mexico, and the USA from January 22nd to March 22nd 2024. These events served as platforms for significant discussions, collaborations, and initiatives aimed at bridging gender gaps and fostering international cooperation for a gender-equal future. 
Several key highlights marked these gatherings. A brief summary is given here while more is mentioned in the program details or in the agenda included in consolidated pdf file of all the programs enclosed as well. 
Across January, February and March 2024, G100 leaders convened globally for a series of meetings and events aimed at empowering women, fostering collaboration, and addressing pressing global challenges with global solidarity and enduring dialogues with leaders from all walks of life. Throughout these events, the under-representation of women in decision-making positions across various sectors was addressed, emphasising the need for inclusive approaches to fostering women’s leadership. 
Middlesex University, London collaborated with G100 wing of Higher Education & Industry connect to host a symposium on good practices and gender equality for business sustainability. 
Scotland hosted its inaugural G100 conference highlighting anti-gender based violence in its various dimensions, especially racism, as well as impact on mental health. Wings of Anti-Based Violence and Mental Health collaborated. We also visited Birmingham for the first time to meet with social leaders there. Networking Luncheon at the Athenaeum Club in London was hosted by the wing of Female CEOs & Distributed Leadership. Meet & Greet events followed in Amsterdam, with an extended evening of inspiration in Wassenaar with the wing of Corporate Culture & Governance. 
The wing of Education, Employment & Scholarships hosted two events in Rotterdam and Brussels respectively. Collaborating with Erasmus University particularly was most enriching and inspiring. A dinner in Paris hosted by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center brought together influential figures, followed by the G100 Paris Luncheon at the prestigious cercle de l’Union interalliée featured G100 leaders from across wings across Europe, Asia and Africa. In Geneva, Zurich and Berlin, the Global Chairs of three wings (across, Banking, Culture, and Arts domains) held fort with empowering support of country chairs across wings. 
In Mexico, three Global Chairs (related to Corporate Boards/Human Resources/ ELLEGOSSSE) organised a gala week of gatherings and meetings in various venues with many groups of leaders and institutions, connecting the Mexico Country Clubs across wings, along with outreach to influential decision makers as also partners on various programs. We also interacted with children at an NGO on this occasion, a deeply touching experience and a sharp reminder on engaging more with our young people; our own future. Various working groups also brought in their recommendations informing the G100 ELLEGOSSSE policy principles, stressing once again the importance of Education, Legislation, Leadership, Empowerment, Governance, Ownership, Security, Sustainability, Solidarity, Equality, toward bridging the gaps, and advancing equity & equality.
We were also thrilled to learn of Mexico’s imminent election of its first female president, and the first in North America: a watershed moment of breaking barriers. We announced the annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2025 to be held in Mexico, galvanising inspiration from this historic opportunity. 
In the US, The G100 Meetings and Women Economic Forum (WEF) editions held in Washington DC and New York held celebratory vibes of International Women’s Day, especially with the WEF Awards for towering leaders and role models across a variety of fields. 
Notably, the Global Chair of the wing of Law & Justice and New York Supreme Court justice organised and chaired a conference with women judges from different countries, toward fostering a coalition of 100 to act in solidarity, advocating for legislations ending gender based violence, a global epidemic that endures. 
The G100 CSW event organised by the Global Chair for Migrants & Refugees Resettlement focussed on sustainable development, access to health, housing and justice, in the wake of conflicts, internal displacements, and humanitarian crises. 
The meet & greet in Boston, a haven for learning and top universities, ignited the need for a new wing for Students and Diaspora that was finalised later during the tour itself. 
The Philadelphia Meet & Greet emphasized nurturing women’s force in the workforce, further highlighting the commitment of G100 leaders to collaboration, advocacy, and tangible action towards creating a more equitable and empowered world. With participants from over 50 countries, these events fostered meaningful connections, idea exchange, and collective efforts to address global challenges.
Simultaneously meet and greet events were held in Switzerland in Bern and Gland by country chairs in the region. We also planned more meetings in May, along with Vienna, Madrid and Rome aligning with the W7/G7 meetings; as a sequel to this tour. Returning to London in the last week of the tour, we held some exploratory meetings and closed with the thought leaders luncheon at the cinnamon club. Importantly, during the tour, we launched SHEconomy as a digital app for women entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs (who want to be entrepreneurs) to build their businesses and thrive with our global communities. Women owned businesses and women led businesses must at least have 25 percent share of global trade. Currently it’s less than 1 percent. 
While much is done and much is left, we continue to persevere in purpose. 
To change the status quo, we all must persevere to change hearts and mindsets with ceaseless conversations, countless initiatives and caring connections for manifesting the “partnership for peace”, as Prof. Julia Clarke said. With grit and action, tapping into the treasure trove of talents and teamwork, we can embrace the risks with resilience and discover innovative models of community engagement and partnerships that help support potential in every field. By awakening the inner leader in one and all, through the uplifting forces of inspiration, imagination, innovation, influence and impact, we can invite and unite the heartfelt contributions of all. As we serve with our innate potential and higher selves, we can overcome all kinds of barriers inside and outside. Guided by shared human values, we can pursue common cause and goals with integrity, inclusion and innovation, empowering women and girls across the globe in all possible dimensions of holistic human development through access to education, ending violence, alleviating hunger and poverty, upholding humanity and dignity, opening hearts and mindsets to overcome fears and limiting beliefs, building confidence of self-belief and solidarity, awakening arts and cultures, strengthening care systems, partnering with organisations and volunteers, pursuing social and economic integration, developing leadership et al, are some of the steps that we all can take so that humanity thrives in the hearts of all. With the uplifting ethics of service and the unifying spirit of love, we can strengthen the collective and community fabric with mutual respect, compassion and kinship. Together we can.
23 Jan.
Preliminary meeting with Dean of Middlesex univ. Martin Broad and Vice Chancellor Professor Sean Wellington.
Discussed: Gaps in Women’s Leadership at the top level especially as Vice Chancellors, and also Chairs of the Governing Board. There was a need to prepare the pipeline of women applying for senior roles and promotions, and to make visible women role models in decision making positions.
Mindsets and biases act as powerful inner barriers that prevent us from accessing our self-confidence and self-belief. There is a need to nurture cultures of conversations and collaborations that bring down barriers and enable mutual understanding with more sensitivity and awareness of challenges, as also empower solidarity for solutions.
26 Jan
3pm to 6pm Gender Equality + Good Practice = Business Sustainability
symposium Middlesex University Business School.
Organised By Dr Doirean Wilson, UK Country Chair for Higher Education & Industry Connect.
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Julia Clarke, welcomed all present including The Worshipful The Mayor of the London Borough of Barnet, Cllr Nagus Narenthira, members of the Higher Education & Industry Connect Wing, and the prominent leading figures representing different sectors of industry, nationally and internationally. Prof. Julia stated that “at Middlesex we seek the best outcomes for our students and see that the G100 are exemplary role models.” She also announced that Middlesex is “extremely pleased to collaborate with the G100 on global projects that reflect Middlesex University’s and G100’s vision and values”, confirming that “we have begun to engage with the start-up Ecosystems for young people alongside involvement with the SHEconomy.”
Speakers included global chairs and country chairs who reminded us of the gaps that persist and forces that resist the change long overdue in bridging the gender gaps on various fronts. Dr. Lizbeth Goodman, Global Chair for CARE Economy, Disability Inclusiveness & Social Innovation joined us from Ireland for the day. Her presentation was on the far-reaching implications of the disparity and under-representation of women that still exists particularly in industries considered more masculine (notably tech), as also in the upper echelons of many organisations, not only governments. It was also made evident that addressing this issue would boost the financial status of many economies across the globe, significantly. Prof. Goodman also shared about inspiring women in STEM and women with disabilities, and how higher education especially with PhD’s can empower them to have a stronger say and confident voice in academia. Dr. Hong Woo gave a touching address about the influence that the women in his family had on his life. UK Country Chair for wing of Global Alliances & Alumni, Erica Katsambis referred to the Financial Promotions legislation and regulations that will undermine diversity and equity among the angel investing community, making it even more difficult for underserved founders to get angel funding, for lack of equitable representation in the angel investing community. Dr. Krishna Pujara, Global Chair for Anti-Gender Based Violence shared statistics to serve as a sobering reminder on all that still needs to be accomplished and how stakeholders need to put organisational strengths, with intentions and actions, in order to usher real change. Agreeing on the importance of role models, all resonated with the truth that indeed one cannot be what one cannot see. Therefore the need for each one to initiate, engage, reach out and step up to our community leadership as best as one can, becoming role models for change. It was a most inspiring afternoon with over 60 attendees, thanks to the efforts and arrangements made by Dr. Doirean along with colleagues Christiana, Sabrina, Joe, Justyna, Joanna and Dr Dox Kyriacou, Dr Simon Best, and Dr Chris Moon. The event concluded with a poem written and powerfully read by G100 Club Higher Education Wing member Jessica Meade, on how our collective voices can change mindsets of a “world that wants women to whisper”.
30-31 Jan
Edinburgh Meetings
Organised by Nyla Khan, Scotland Region Chair, Anti-Gender Based Violence
It was an honour to host G100 conference for the first time in Scotland, at the Edinburgh Castle. We had two days of meetings, roundtables, workshops and networking sessions concerning gender equality and women’s empowerment, with a special focus on social enterprises, part of Scotland’s policy post-pandemic for recovery and resilience. The sector employs almost 90,000 people, addressing a wide range of socio-economic issues. The workshops and events brought together a league of powerful and talented women leaders as well as organisations with a mindset and mission for equity and inclusion, particularly toward empowering women. Dr. Neerja Birla, Global Chair Mental Health joined us online during the Meet & Greet even for an address on Mental Health followed by Q and A. It was deeply inspiring to learn of her foundation’s impactful work around mental health and education. Dr. Birla joined us in person later in the week in London at the Athenaeum to continue the conversations.
1 Feb. 12 noon to 4pm
Lunch at Athenaeum Club
Organised By Elizabeth Coffey, Global Chair, Female CEOs & Distributed Leadership
It was a great gathering with a buzz of energy and achievement from a cross-section of leaders from the worlds of business, arts, fashion, design, music, and diplomacy from across the UK but also from India, Greece, Germany and Paris who joined us.
2 Feb. Birmingham Meet & Greet
Organised by Ritu Sharma
A first-time meet up in Birmingham in the presence of Mayor of Walsall, Councillor Chris Towe, Mayoress Louisa offered us a significant opportunity to explore further initiatives and collaborations.
6 Feb. Amsterdam & Wassenaar/The Hague
11am to 1pm, Meet & Greet, Amsterdam
2:30pm to 6:30pm, Wassenaar/The Hague
Farewell of Marguerite Soeteman Reijnen, (former) Chairman of the Executive Board, AON Holdings, B.V.
It was an honor and pleasure to be present alongside our Soul Sister Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen, G100 Global Chair for Corporate Culture & Governance, on the occasion of a celebration of 34 years at AON. In farewell, in Wassenaar, at the splendid Kasteel de Wittenberg were 200 guests including colleagues, friends and fans, including us from the G100 club, as well as royalty, diplomats, ministers and youth. Guests included Minister of Education, HRH Prince Carlos and Princess Annemarie, Ambassadors of the US, Belgium and India, C suite of companies among others. Subjects discussed spanned “Risks in and outside the boardroom take on a whole new meaning in a world of high interest rates, geopolitical uncertainty, climatic instability, pressure on talent and the game-changing evolution of new technologies.“ It was a beautiful gala gathering of luminaries putting heads and hearts together for a better world for all.
As Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen shared in her touching Linkedin post, in her closing speech, she referred to the Oracle of Delphi Greece “where in ancient times travellers, before they would start their journey, would visit the temple of Apollo to request the Oracle’s guidance. The first advice the Oracle would always give was “Know thyself”. Know yourself.. She added, “For 34 years my colleagues at Aon and many other friends have enabled me to get to know myself, connecting heart, brains and courage. Not only for myself but also to the benefit of others. It is important to take from time to time a little time out of our busy days and calendars to give encouragement to those in need and those who might have lost the way.”
Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen inspires and strengthens us all with our spirit of caring and sharing.
11 Feb, London
Dinner with Lord Rami Ranger and Lady Renu Ranger, with guests,
House of Lords, London, UK
15 Feb, London
2pm Meeting at National Farmers’ Union (NFU). The NFU represents more than 45,000 farming and growing businesses in England and Wales.
Special thanks to Teresa Wickham, Co-Founder and National Chairman
Women’s Farming Union, 1979 – 1985, farmer and women’s advocate.
16 Feb, Geneva
Organised by Global Chairs Hayat Jmammou and Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei (Culture & Heritage; Sustainable Banking & Finance, respectively), along with Country Chairs, Anila Hussain and Iwona Fluda.
9:15 am UNDP meetings
With Luisa E. Bernal, Policy Specialist, Finance Sector Hub, UNDP, Geneva
Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei invited G100 members to a meeting at UNDP on the topic “How to empower women in the 21st century?” as part of an international research project with scientists from Harvard University.
The visit to UNDP provided insights and statistics, especially regards their empowering projects for capacity building and upskilling. We are grateful to
Soul Sister Luisa Bernal for the session of two hours offering plenty of interaction, reflection and exploration for collaboration. As we raise inspiration, each one can introspect upon what each one can do. Every action counts and bridges the gap. Discussions centred also on how we can strengthen women in the decision-making roles as also engage the voice and wisdom of women especially as regards building strategies, policies and projects. Together we can enable new possibilities for intentional and international actions, including from Geneva, the heart of global organisational efforts in a multipolar world.
Follow up meetings in Switzerland across different cities are now planned for May 2024.
2pm to 5pm
G100 meeting at Swiss School of Business and Management.
Organised by Anila Hussain, and hosted by Mia (Amira) Simcox, Academic Dean & Head of SSBM Geneva Campus, Swiss School of Business and Management.
Speakers at the event shared in peer exchange on the pivotal role of women in economy and trade. We are grateful to Dean Mia, an iconic leader and ardent women’s empowerment advocate who hosted us for an enlightening event. The meetings and workshops offered brainstorming sessions especially around community endeavours. Participants reflected on what kind of conditions and conducive ecosystems are required to build purpose-based networks through common cause and envisioning a future with shared values, concerted actions and solidarity, especially with women supporting women. The event closed with networking, bringing a sense of unity in community, as each one feels stimulated and strengthened, to express and engage with an enriched spirit and collaborative mindset.
Dinner Meet & Greet
A fitting finale was the relaxed dinner after a fulfilling day of personal development, community connections and institutional outreach, with peer support thriving in soulful spaces of learning and sharing.
17 Feb Zurich
Lunch Meet & Greet
Organised by Iwona Fluda
A beautiful afternoon vibing with care and camaraderie, yet another community strengthened for collaborative actions in growth mindset in mutual care and support.
18 Feb Berlin
Lunch Meet & Greet
Organised by Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan, Global Chair, Arts Leadership & Films
Dr. Beena participated at 74th annual Berlin International Film Festival, the Berlinale, along with NFDC, India, wherein National Award-winning actor and celebrated star, Allu Arjun also participated.
On the occasion. Dr. Beena hosted a lunch meet & greet with G100 members in Germany.
20 Feb London
Meeting at Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)
Felicitation ceremony of Rt. Honourable Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC, Chairman of Caparo Group Limited and a Philanthropist.
In the presence of president elect Professor Gillian Leng CBE who will take over as President from 23 July 2024. She will be the first President in the history of RSM to have been elected by the membership. (Earlier it was decided by a vote of trustees.)
21 Feb London
Tea with H.E. Ambassador Rohitha Bogollagama,
President High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to UK
Former Minister of Industries (2001-2004), Minister of Advanced Technology and National Enterprise Development (2004-2005), Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion (2005-2007) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007-2010), Sri Lanka
22-23 Feb Rotterdam & Brussels
Organised by Karen Duys, Global Chair, Education, Employment & Scholarships
22 Feb Rotterdam
11am to 2pm Erasmus University
Program from 11-12.30 including sessions and networking over lunch.
23 Feb, Brussels
1pm to 4pm Meet & Greet
Luncheon and networking at: Chandigarh, an excellent Indian vegetarian restaurant run by a woman entrepreneur.
23 Feb, Paris
8pm Dinner in honor of H.E. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, Former President of Latvia, from 1999 to 2007. She is the first and to date only woman to hold the post. (Invitation by Nizami Ganjavi International Center). With 20 influential leaders. Also present in support, H.E. Rosalia Arteago Serrano, former President of Ecuador and G100 Global Chair for Political Leadership
24 Feb, Paris
12:30noon to 3pm
G100 Meet & Greet Paris Luncheon
Cercle de l’Union Interallies
Special thanks to the organising efforts of Country Chairs Haweya Mohamed and Rabab Couriol. Gratitude to our brother Edouard Detaille, Denim Club country partner in support of Soul Sister Haweya, for facilitating the venue and all is his support enabling this first time meeting at the Cercle de l’Union interallies, a historic private club established in 1917 with the inspiration and ideal to become a gathering ground for leading figures to connect and interact, in exchange and sharing, in the “Interallié spirit.”
With 30 leaders from the G100 including Global Chairs, country chairs, denim club members and advisory members, the most inspiring takeaway in this event was the realisation that at G100 every day is a day of action and activism. The global reach and range of G100 makes that happen effectively and effortlessly. We are grateful to former minister H.E. Elisabeth Moreno for joining us. Special thanks to the G100 wing of Humanity, Technology & Innovation led by Global chair Dominique Delporte-Vermeiren for a large wing presence at the event with country chairs who travelled from different countries abroad to be with us
28 Feb to 14 March, Mexico & USA meetings
16 March to 22 March, London, UK
28 Feb to 2 March, Mexico City
Organised by Adriana Basulto, G100 Global Chair, ELLEGOSSSE Endorsements
3 March, Los Angeles
Organised by Vandana Sinha
This took place as an online meeting eventually in view of circumstances
4-5 March, Mexico City
Organised Michelle Ferrari, Global Chair, Corporate Boards & Gender Balanced Companies, and Patricia Gonzalez, Global Chair, Human Resources & Talent Development , with support of many sisters and wings.
Highlights of all meetings in Mexico are as follows:
The meetings organised by Adriana including at the prestigious Senate were most inspiring. The three global wings signed an agreement with CCE, an eminent coordinating business council. We are grateful for Soul Sister Blanquita’s coordination and support as well as support of Elena Palacios and Francisco Cervantes (CCE). Meeting with the nonprofit, with children and NGOs was very emotional and moving, with some action points for the NGOs to bridge gaps with business partners, so that society and economies can advance together. A lunch hosted by Soul Sister Patricia at her residence was a gathering in fun and fellowship , meeting the with the various G100 wings and friends. The ringing of the bell to open the BIVA financial market (stock exchange) was memorable, especially as it resulted in press recognition of our work and voices for action. The grand event on March 4th, with conclusions and an action plan from G100 wings, advisors, and G100 friends produced tangible actions to follow up in six months. It was truly amazing to see the G100 and G100 friends (more than 250 attendees) shine as the stars of the event, with all the G100 wings actively participating in the organisation. The visit to meet H.E. Ambassador of Spain, was thoughtful and gracious, and also resulted in follow-up actions and contacts, helpful for our upcoming meetings in Spain in May. The cocktail event at TANE, the Mexican luxury house of silver jewellery and design, was stupendous and historic, marking the first time they closed the store to launch one of their biggest collections, Frida Kahlo, in honor of the female power of solidarity at G100. The Mexico meetings came to a fitting finale with an agreement in Nuevo León for holding a Women Economic Forum (WEF) edition in Monterrey, highlighting the road ahead and the work to be done.
7 March, Washington D.C
at Women Economic Forum (WEF) – Washington D.C, St. Regis
Organised by Adriana Basulto, G100 Global Chair, ELLEGOSSSE Endorsements
AM: Meeting with Congressman Robert J. Wittman, at the US Capitol, with a tour and talk.
PM: Women Economic Forum (WEF) sessions and networking
8 March, New York, International Women’s Day
8:30am Press Conference of the Women Economic Forum (WEF) – New York, organised by Maria Fernanda Reyes, in presence of Barbara Winston, Barbara Winston. Chair & President, Commission for Peace, and President & Founder, Peace Innovation Initiative. New York, NY
Special Thanks to Gina Otto, G100 Global Chair for Environment, Climate Action, Biodiversity & Oceans.
10am to 4pm
G100 Law & Justice Forum
Organised by Judge Carmen Velasquez, NY Supreme Court Justice, and Global Chair for Law & Justice.
Hosted by Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education, 25 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The GCWE is an interdisciplinary educational facility dedicated to the promotion of teaching, research, and community partnerships.
Commemorating International Judges day, and also International Women’s Day, this was a global meeting and mini convention of all wings for 100 guest and women judges. The deliberations were on the theme, “Access to Justice: Where are we Now?” The judges shared especially on challenges faced by vulnerable and under represented communities, vis-a-vis human rights and gender based violence, and how access to justice is of paramount importance and pressing concern as also the prime lever of hope and rights for the marginalised.
8 March 5pm onwards
Women Economic Forum (WEF) – New York
Harvard Club of New York, Awards and Gala
Organised by organised by Maria Fernanda Reyes, G100 Global Chair for Farming, Agritech & AgriTourism
Special thanks to Soul Sister Nino Zambakhidze for leading this wing for over two years and now moving to the President’s advisory council. We passed the baton to Soul Sister Maria during the New York events in inspired blossoming of next steps for all.
WEF Awards & Gala dinner took place in the presence of 100 guests, including many Global Chairs and Country Chairs from across the world. Gratitude to Soul Sister Ekaterine Egutia for facilitating the venue.
8 March Taguspark – Lisbon, Portugal
A remarkable gathering of leaders in solidarity simultaneously in Europe, this event resulted in recommendations presented to the government in order to overcome the barriers toward realisation of the UN SDGs and a more equitable society, with full support of G100 in their implementation. The recommendations included timely healthcare for all, education transformation, active citizenship, cultural connection, social equity, equitable tax burden, entrepreneurship & innovation, transparent justice and reduced bureaucracy
9 March
Fellowship meetings over breakfast & coffee
10 March
Boston Meet & Greet Luncheon
11 March
Women of the Year 2024, New York
Felicitation of Founder Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai and other women leaders by Rosalia Arteaga Women (RAW) The Glocal Foundation
Gratitude to H.E. Rosalia Arteaga, Former President of Ecuador
12 March G100 – UN CSW 68
G100 -UN CSW 68 parallel event organised by Caroline Sack Kendem, Global Chair, Migrants & Refugees Resettlement
At the Salvation Army Auditorium, New York
Speakers included Global Chairs H.E. Judge Carmen Velasquez (Law & Justice), Dr. Maya Morsy (Economic Empowerment), Datin Hartini Osman (Philanthropy, Business & Poverty Eradication), Norma Contreras from Mexico, and Carole Mbessa Elongo from Cameroon. Over 100 participants joined in person from various countries.
Speakers shared on issues such as women and children in conflict zones, extending humanitarian support, as also regards sustainable housing and projects to bring people out of the poverty trap in collaborative efforts with governmental and international bodies to facilitate refugee repatriation programs bolstering local development.
Special thanks to Hon’ble First Lady of Cameroon for her kind support.
13 March
New York & Philadelphia
10 am Parallel event co-organized by Brazil and Italy to W20
“The women rights and female empowerment towards G20”
Grateful to W7 Co-Chairs in Italy Presidency for the invitation
5pm onwards G100 Philadelphia Meetings
Sessions on Nurturing Women Force in the Workforce, followed by Meet & Greet, at the History Center of Chester County.
Organised by Navixha Bagga, Pennsylvania State Chair, G100 wing of Human Resources & Talent Development
Special thanks to Christine Orie Zaccarelli, CEO of the Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, along with Soul Sisters Mamatha Prabhakar and Arpita Tambi.
14 March
Meet & Greet 11am to 2pm
With sisters from G100, G7-W7, G20-W20
At Sonder Chambers
Guest of Honor: Henry Fabián Kronfle Kozhaya, President of the National Assembly of Ecuador
Special thanks to Dr. Sima Karetnaya, USA Country Chair, Diplomacy & Negotiations
16 – 22 March: London, UK
Meetings over the week, concluding in the Thought Leaders Luncheon on 21 March at the Cinnamon Club, in esteemed presence of 15 leaders as well as Ambassador of Sri Lanka, and Ambassador of Panama.
H.E. Ambassador Rohitha Bogollagama,
President High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to UK
H.E. Natalia Royo de Hagerman.
Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland & Iceland.
Special thanks to Ambassador of Panama in Colombia, H.E. Liliana Fernández, G100 Global Chair, Global South-South Cooperation.
An ambitious tour well started, well done and well concluded emboldened us ever more to take our next steps and next leaps toward our Mission Million: to onboard 1 million women on the free digital platform of SHEconomy. Plans are underway to reach out to governments, corporates, women’s networks, universities and other organisations to help in this mission. Our hearts may skip a beat at the scale of the ambition but our resolve is strong and our efforts tireless in this collective journey of change, challenge and choice. While the obstacles cloud our vision for a while, the prospect of our own power, beheld and experienced in this meetings, gives us no reason or room for doubt, and the light of enthusiasm and hope shows us the way.
Together we strengthen. Together we rise. Together we can.
Global Chairs in respective meetings, along with country chairs and state chairs as given above.
Secretariat led by Founder & President, Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai
With support of Vinay Rai, Founder & President G100 Denim Club
Special thanks to everyone in the organising team and volunteers.
Gratitude to our hosts and sponsors.
We are deeply grateful for the robust participation of global chairs, country clubs and community members from across 50 countries.