Amsterdam, Netherlands Meet & Greet 17 July 2023

G100 leaders converged in Amsterdam for community connect and conversations empowering our understanding of issues that hinder women’s progress in economic spheres be it in business, entrepreneurship, employment, leadership and careers. 

Issues of inequality and exclusion were yet again discussed, as these are continuing concerns and globally relevant, especially bias regards Racism and Sexism. 

We explored systemic issues that largely stem from masculine mindsets and structures of doing business, including negligible access to credit and venture capital for women founders. We also discussed how women in general shy away from negotiating, handling risk and scaling business for investor interest. Intersectional issues of race, stereotypes, economic inequality, lack of visibility of role models across the board exacerbate these issues further. 

Perspectives from family business owners were also shared on how to involve more women in the family businesses in leading roles, particularly with mindsets of property ownership and top leadership being in favour of men.