For Women to Scale, We Must Reach Women at Scale: Winning with Oneness & Holistic Change beyond bias 


G100 leaders converged in Amsterdam for community connect and conversations empowering our understanding of issues that hinder women’s progress in economic spheres be it in business, entrepreneurship, employment, leadership and careers. 

Issues of inequality and exclusion were yet again discussed, as these are continuing concerns and globally relevant, especially bias regards Racism and Sexism. 

We explored systemic issues that largely stem from masculine mindsets and structures of doing business, including negligible access to credit and venture capital for women founders. We also discussed how women in general shy away from negotiating, handling risk and scaling business for investor interest. Intersectional issues of race, stereotypes, economic inequality, lack of visibility of role models across the board exacerbate these issues further. 

Perspectives from family business owners were also shared on how to involve more women in the family businesses in leading roles, particularly with mindsets of property ownership and top leadership being in favour of men. 

Solutions included more training for women vis a vis finance, negotiations and risk, as also more diversity education for men, in addition to addressing systemic structural barriers. In the interim it is important to create availability of small and innovate finance for women with an affirmative approach to disbursement through policy measures by government, banks and financial service providers. The success of microfinance for women can be explored further, and how it could be disbursed through digital means in order to expand reach of credit to women worldwide. For women to scale, we must reach women at scale. 

As of now, Racism and Sexism exist, “are in the air and there”, as one sister shared. To decontaminate our minds, to overcome biases and stereotypes, and to deeply feel the innate oneness of humanity and planet is the challenge and need of our times, which can be addressed through Women’s collective actions and solidarity of society. We can win the battles of exclusion we fight we everyday with more connection, community, holistic thinking, heartfelt caring, wellbeing, mutual respect, spirit of equality and agency for change. Together we can. 

Convenor: Karen Duys, G100 Global Chair, Education, Employment & Scholarships. 

Grateful regards to Marvy Rieder, G100 Global Chair, Holistic Wellbeing for her support. 


Meet & Greet with 45 leaders

Luncheon at Raina Indian Restaurant, founded by renowned cricketer Suresh Raina.