Tove Lovisa Bergkvist

Tove Lovisa Bergkvist

She is the Founder and CEO of Real Dubai, a real estate company in the UAE. An entrepreneur and author of the book “Sixth Sense Success – Embrace Your Feminine Intuition in Business,” she provides a guide for women to utilize their natural abilities while navigating their professional journeys. A business consultant with a natural passion for empowering others, she is driven by the potential to make the world a better place. She believes that we are all part of the collective evolution, and her mission is to accelerate social, environmental, and financial sustainability worldwide through global collaborations and bridge-building between people, businesses, cultures, and economic levels.

Her goal is to co-create opportunities for people to work together towards a positive shift for humanity and support the vision of a better future. She was honored with the “Global Women for Change” award from the Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation in 2022. She started her journey with women’s empowerment in 2011 by co-creating the business concept for the Norwegian social enterprise “Sisters in Business,” with a commitment to make a difference for immigrant women in their social and professional lives. This was realized through innovative partnerships with Norwegian companies, aiming to enable the women in the network to become financially independent and own their future.

The next step on this journey was to bring the global network club Global Woman Club to Norway, where she served as the regional director. GWC is a global network club for women in business, with the goal of empowering women and encouraging professional growth. She also founded the women’s network Savvy Females, a network for purpose-driven female leaders on a mission to co-create opportunities for women. As President of WICCI Sweden, she works with members to build bridges between businesswomen in Scandinavia and India, aiming to accelerate mutual business growth. Her professional strengths include relationship building, startup and real estate consultancy, organizational development, millennial marketing, and branding strategies.

As a business consultant, she focuses on purpose-driven companies. Among her clients is the new Norwegian water brand Pure Blue of Norway, which delivers premium mountain water in a sustainable water bottle and contributes safe water to children and families in need for every bottle sold. The water brand has received eight honorary awards this year. Additionally, she is passionate about real estate investing and supports others in finding lucrative investment opportunities through her brand Real Dubai. Before starting as an entrepreneur, she worked in leadership and organizational development in the hospitality sector. She has composed her own combination of university studies, including gender history, gender science, norm critiques, organizational development, management, and business finance.

Through her journey, combined with various positions supporting women at different levels of economic literacy and professional growth, she discovered that mindset plays an essential role in how we show up in life and create wealth. How we imagine our life from the inside reflects our reality, and the beliefs we have about abundance and money directly correlate to how we receive, spend, and manage money in our daily lives. With a strong passion for financial empowerment, her intention with the money mindset and wealth creation wing is to spread wisdom and practical information for women to become aware of their ability to become financially literate and embody their human right to live in abundance.