G100 European Union Parliament Meetings, Strasbourg, France, 22-23 April 2024.

 Zero Leadership: a new normal for building networks with high trust and low stress. 

The aim of the meeting was to make G100 Network be known, exchange thoughts and ideas, and build solid relationships with the EU Parliament, under the support and guidance from Founder and President G100 Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai and Vinay Rai G100 Founder Denim Club, with the Convenor Mar. Introini (Global Chair, Global Networking), along with Patience Modevi (Global Networking UK Chair) and the non-financial sponsorship from PAS España, by the leader Antonio Chacon (Global Advisor at the wing). It was hosted by MP Juan Ignacio Zoido, a Spanish political leader who warmly welcomed us in the Parliament. 
The topic was Global Networking, emphasising women’s mental health addressing one of the pressing issues and main goals from the current EU agenda, seeking to empower women on their personal resilience, by the different areas of expertise that G100 holds.