Greener Hearts, Hands and Minds for a Greener Future: G100 South Korea Meetings, Seoul/Songdo 6-11 June 2023 along with Global Greens Congress and WICCI South Korea-India Business Council

It was a blessed opportunity for G100 to be in South Korea in Songdo and in the greater Seoul Capital Area to participate in the Global Greens Congress. 

Held every 5 years, this global congress gathers Green Parties and Members from across the world. 

The Congress was organised from 8-11 June at the Convensia in Songdo International Business District in Incheon, near the International Airport. Songdo is South Korea’s planned model of a smart city combining the best of Information Technology, Green Growth and Free Economic Zone activities. As a result of its green growth policy, 40% of it’s area is green including parks and open spaces enabling pedestrians to walk around. The city follows many energy efficiency and eco-friendly features.

Global Greens Congress brought together its four Green Federations, namely the European Green Party, Federation of Green Parties of Africa, Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas, and Asia Pacific Greens Federation that was the co-host of the meeting in South Korea. In addition, there were NGOs and other communities and leaders interested in the Green movement.

G100 hosted a meet and greet on 7th June and had a panel on 9 June in the morning on the subject of Joining Forces and Collaborating for Change. 

The natural synergies and shared thought process was evident among members of the two organisations, many of whom are already chairs especially in the G100 wing of Security & Defense addressing aspects of Human Security and Climate Security. 

At the G100 panel, we emphasised the need for the need of Co-Creation through the means of Collaboration. By working together on joint projects in shared interest, we can energise the green movement and thereby green politics in a variety of ways. The momentum for green politics will come from an engaged citizenry creating a balance and blend of bottom up and top down approaches, and making green thinking and actions more accessible to all through a variety of measures and means, which are intersectional, cross-disciplinary, creative and innovative. The speeches by Global Chairs Bodil Valero (Security & Defense) and Diah Yusuf (Business Accelertor), summarised the need for collaborating and networking to co-create in solidarity the common green future we seek. India Country Chair Anita Nautiyal hosted the panel. It was most inspiring to hear from Senator Janet Rice from Australia on creative approaches on consensus building for community co-creation. 

The Congress had a rich program with many keynotes by parliamentarians and leaders, and parallel sessions with community members, with enriching discussions embracing diversity in all our global oneness. Each reinforced that we may be multiple and many, but we share One planet, and it’s important to unite in common cause as a voice for the green with pervasive actions and initiatives. 

The G100 committed its support to the Global Greens and shared some suggestions on strengthening the movement and parties such as through strategic alliances with other ‘green’ thinking organisations in the world, in resonance with the Global Greens charter and values. Close to 20 resolutions were adopted along with Korea Declaration, and Global Greens Charter updated with the learning and experiences of this edition of the congress. 

Every one can be an actor of change, every one can be a Green actor of change – all we need is to continue our outreach in sharing and caring, and bringing all closer to our Green provider and Green sustenance, Mother Nature. The Green Mindset can be adopted by all, for it is natural and innate to each to think and act green. By creating greener ecosystems and greener conversations, we can build the collective green consciousness and a greener future. 

Convenor: Bodil Valero, G100 Global Chair, Security & Defense, along with Co-Convenor, Anita Nautiyal, India Country Chair for the wing. Grateful regards to Neeti Virmani, President, WICCI South Korea – India business council.