G100 – SINGAPORE MEETING, 27-31 august 2022

The unique experience of Singapore and it’s leadership shows and shares a beautiful path of making a difference with inclusion, influence and impact: of how we can change entrenched mindsets and passé patriarchal norms, with acknowledgment of their limitations and without denial of barriers women face across societal strata and life-stages. 

It was most inspiring to meet policymakers and changemakers. We learned about the  recent White Paper in Singapore for Women’s Development launched by the Singapore government in 2020 after year-long nationwide consultations on pressing issues and way forward, and a year of Celebrating Women in 2021. 

With a clear intent to review and mitigate barriers women face, reflecting women’s aspirations and voices, and centred around shared values of equality, fairness, respect, partnership and solidarity, the White Paper articulates a set of 25 collective actions as a whole-of-society effort, to take the next leap into a fairer and equitable world for women. 

Community efforts include improving male allyship and mentoring for women especially in STEM, and ensuring financial stability and independence for women, the lack of which hits harshly especially for women going through divorce as well as in cases of domestic abuse. 

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