The meetings in Bucharest, ‘Paris of the East’, were most inspiring and elevating, given it’s rich architectural and cultural history. Meeting people from cross-sections of society also gave us an insight into the current context especially around the need to restore civil society engagement and uplift energy through community and kinship. 

Dr. Martin propose launching of a petition in Romania to introduce the word for ‘Sisterhood’ in the dictionary of the Romanian language academy. Words create realities. If we can say it, we can see it. The She-for-She bonds are integral to our vision of women empowerment, gender equality and co-creating an better world for all.

 We also spoke about the crisis of self-confidence and self-belief especially among women as we have internalised societal stereotypes and expectations leading to mental barriers, which we too need to overcome. We discussed the importance of performing arts, new writing, theater and conversations to enable breakthroughs for all. 

 Especially in the meet and greet, women and men shared in different ways about the same concern – the community gap, and how by just bridging this gap we can strengthen one another, and bring hope and happiness with even the smallest gestures of support, kinship and kindness. By bridging the community and connection gap, we can also bridge other gaps, viz.