Prof. Dr. William A. Amponsah

Prof. Dr. William A. Amponsah, Founder and President/CEO, Transformation Ghana Leadership Initiative, USA. Dr. William A. Amponsah has been a professor of Economics for nearly 31 years. He was formerly Director of the School of Economics in Georgia Southern University and served for many years in a similar position in the Center for International Trade and Economic Development in North Carolina A&T State University, USA. He also served very early in his profession as a research associate and intern in The World Bank. Dr. Amponsah has published many professional articles and books in his discipline. He has also served as the U.S. National Panel Manager of the National Research Initiative Competitive Grants in the areas of markets and trade, and as associate editor of the Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (formerly Review of Agricultural Economics) and Agriculture Economics (an international journal). He has received awards of excellence by the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, where he served as the former Chair of the Committee on the Status of Blacks in the Association.William is the Founder of the Transformation Ghana Leadership Initiative (TGLI) and his business Self Leadership Coaching International where he leverages his skills as a growth strategist in leadership, economic policy, and human capabilities. He is certified by the Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation to teach negotiations in organizations. He is also certified by Global Priority Solutions to facilitate values for behavior transformation. He is currently completing certification training under Drs. David Amen and Joseph McClelland as a brain health wellness and neuro-encoding coach. He is certified and is currently member of the John Maxwell Team as an executive leadership trainer, coach and speaker.William’s vision is to inspire a movement for effective leadership, entrepreneurial innovation, and personal and professional development education to help individuals and businesses build and grow beyond their current results. Therefore, following years of discussions, William sponsored Dr. John C. Maxwell and Mr. Mark Cole (President) of the John Maxwell Enterprises to visit Ghana where they spoke during a leadership conference in June 2019, and he facilitated a meeting with the President of Ghana to discuss how Dr. Maxwell could help to transform Ghana with leadership values. He has also participated in Country Transformation Initiatives (facilitating leadership values) with the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation (JMLF) in Costa Rica (2018), Paraguay (2019) and the Dominican Republic (2021).

Since March 2020, he has been facilitating virtual leadership choice values from the JMLF to students in High Schools and universities in Ghana, and to professionals in South Africa. He also teaches on leadership, human potential, entrepreneurship and economic policy during the weekly webinars of TGLI on Fridays via Zoom and Facebook to his clients in Africa, Europe and the USA. Since February 2021, William has been training hundreds of young professionals from 9 West African nations (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Togo) in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) – an organization that was initiated by former President Obama. He has recently launched the Lifting Up Africa Leadership Initiative.
William offers training and coaching in leadership, mindset, growth and soft skills strategies to his clients around the world. He has launched a virtual Self Leadership Academy and is
developing about 150 online courses covering Administrative skills, Human Resources skills, Career Development, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, courses for Supervisors and Managers, and other Workplace Essentials. He is also currently partnering with Ms. Gitanjali Rao, celebrated U.S. STEM innovator and TIME Magazine’s Kid of the Year to influence young innovators in Africa with her book, A Young Innovator’s Guide to STEM.
Dr. Amponsah has also recently initiated the Transformation Business Bootcamp, in partnership with African American multimillionaire Mr. Cedrick LaFleur, to begin cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs in the West African region. On October 22, 2021, William was invited to address thousands of African youth during the YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2021 that was held in Accra, Ghana on Advocacy and Active Citizenship. He was recently awarded the World Changers Platinum Award 2021 by the World Changers Summit Group.