Nilesh Kumar 

Nilesh Kumar is from England and is of Gujarati-Indian background. He has an MA in Korean Studies from Yonsei University in Seoul, with a focus on (Korean) Cinema, Gender, and Sexuality. 

He has worked in film production and film programming for ten years, and has curated 30 cinematic events through STEAK FILM. This includes STEAK CINEMA; an underground cinema in Seoul, which focused on themes such as BDSM, queercore, and female sexuality. Their events popped up in the most unexpected of methods and spaces, to challenge traditional forms of film viewership and engage the audience in deep culture through cinema. 

His work has been included in the Korean Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018, Cinema Galeries in Brussels, Soho House Mumbai, Perpetual Spring in MMCA Seoul, SiDance (Seoul International Dance Festival), and the Canadian Film Centre. In 2023, he collaborates with Goethe-Institute Seoul to showcase Gendernauts (Monika Treut, 1999), a documentary ‘about cyborgs; people who alter their bodies and minds with new technologies and chemistry, with an emphasis on biological women who use the male sexual hormone, testosterone.’Nilesh believes in digging deeper, enjoying the process, and making culture accessible to a range of people.