Maria Fernanda Reyes

Maria Fernanda Reyes

She is a foremost authority in the agricultural industry, recognized for her expertise in regulatory affairs and global leadership in biostimulants, biocontrol, adjuvants, pesticides, and post-harvest technologies. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to innovation, Maria has become a trusted voice in shaping the future of sustainable farming practices worldwide.

Her deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and industry standards has positioned her as a key influencer in navigating the complex landscape of agricultural products. Maria’s contributions extend beyond mere compliance; she actively works to drive forward-thinking policies that promote environmental stewardship and product efficacy.

As a post-harvest technology expert, Maria has spearheaded initiatives to reduce food waste and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products throughout the supply chain. Her dedication to innovation has led to the development of cutting-edge solutions that enhance shelf life, minimize spoilage, and ensure food security for communities around the globe.

Maria’s impact is felt not only in boardrooms and government offices but also on the ground, where her insights and guidance empower farmers to adopt sustainable practices and achieve greater success. Through her advocacy and leadership, Maria continues to pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable agricultural industry, driving positive change for future generations.

Maria Fernanda Reyes, HC Dr, is renowned as one of the foremost experts in the agricultural industry, with a distinguished list of awards and recognitions underscoring her contributions to innovation and sustainability.


– Winner of the UC Davis Big Bang Competition 2021, recognized by the Graduate School of Business for Agtech Innovation.

– Named a HITEC 100 Awardee in 2022, ranking among the 100 Most Influential Hispanic Leaders in Technology.

– Acknowledged for her commitment to sustainability with executive education from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, specializing in Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Studies.

– Recognized as a woman changing the world by the Mexican Senate.

– Honored with the title of “Honorable” by the President of Queens, New York, for her outstanding leadership.

– Recognized as an outstanding leader by Donovan Richards, President of the Borough of Queens.

– Awarded the International Student Award by Queen Elizabeth of England for academic excellence at Canterbury in the UK.

– Received the Top Women in Agriculture award for her pioneering work in the field.

– Author of books on sustainability and recipient of the Covid Superhero Award 2021 for saving millions of lives during the pandemic.

– Honored with the Stanford University Award for Latino Scaling Up Excellence, ranking among the top 3% entrepreneurs in the country.

– Recognized as one of the Hispanics in Technology Council’s 100 Most Influential Latino Leaders in the world, alongside leaders from top C-suite level companies.

Maria’s accolades highlight her unwavering commitment to driving positive change and her dedication to making a lasting impact on agriculture, technology, and sustainability.