Mar Introini

Mar Introini     

She is a Barrister, Blogger, and Political Analyst, an Italian citizen with a legal background as a former Public Attorney specialized in Minor Offenders. She holds the position of National Secretary, nominated by the Executive Board of the National Presidency with approval from the House of Representatives.

With a strong sense of independent thinking and a constant drive for learning, coupled with cross-cultural experiences from living in cities such as Montevideo, London, Brussels, Geneva, Malaga, and Madrid, she brings an inclusive perspective on multiculturalism.

She is passionate about developing a reshaped model of globalization with a holistic approach to building resilience and sustainability around societal vulnerabilities, transcending mere political perspectives—gained through her work with a Political Party for 10 years.

As a leader with global goals, she focuses on building an innovative structure for youth and an open platform for engagement based on authentic connection and ethical leadership. She is an activist and Coordinator for Youth Associations regarding youth policies at the Youth National Institute, a public institution under the Ministry of Education. She also serves as a Legal Adviser, preparing reports for disciplinary processes for government employees and representing the Ministry in tribunals.

She was appointed as a Legal Advisor for the Uruguayan Red Cross, a Trainer on the Sphere Project (Humanitarian Standards), and a Teacher of International Humanitarian Law. Driven by a passion for lifelong learning, she pursued a Master’s degree in “Europe’s Solidarity Action” at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain, where she found ample space to explore her passion for analysis and research.

She holds a degree as an Expert in Development Cooperation, Migration, Refugees, Asylum, and Humanitarian Aid. She has also worked on Corporate Social Responsibility with CSR Watch Spain. She is fluent in four languages: Italian, English, French, and Spanish, and has completed training courses on various subjects including Governance, Climate, Sustainability, European Culture, and Political Economy.

She collaborates with prestigious institutions such as the World Bank Institute, Columbia University, Yale University, HEC Paris, University of Geneva, and University of Groningen, contributing to content, research, and analysis on her long-standing blog, Due to personal circumstances, she moved to Brussels, Belgium, where she had the privilege to continue working with renowned international organizations such as Eurodad, Action Aid, and Oxfam.

Mar has the privilege of being a regular participant and speaker at the Caux Forum hosted by Initiatives of Change Switzerland, collaborating and expanding her network across the world. The Caux Forum holds annual conferences, gathering leaders from different cultures, backgrounds, and diverse political positions, fostering peace through reconciliation and dialogue.