Lucia de Luca

lucia de luca

She is an Equity champion and community-builder and the former Managing Director of Women Political Leaders (WPL) (2019-2021), the worldwide network of women politicians. Lucia has more than 20 years of experience in international cooperation, strategic communications, and communities’ creation. Throughout the unprecedented times of the pandemic, Lucia set up WPL on a path of growth, mobilising communities and partners and motivating the staff to create impact and societal change. 

Lucia worked for the European Food Safety Authority (2004-2018) where she managed reputational crises and international relations. As stakeholders’ engagement expert, she redesigned stakeholders policies for various public bodies. Lucia worked for a renowned consultancy in Brussels as policy and media specialist as well as for an innovative international airline managing public relations. Lucia also worked for the European Parliament (2007-2009). 

Lucia acts as moderator and university lecturer in communications and partner’s relations, and co-authored various papers and reports. Lucia holds an MA Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures she obtained in Italy and Germany. She speaks five languages and has lived in many countries in the world.