Common Ground, Common Cause: Commonwealth connectivity for trans continental creativity  

London, UK Meetings  25 June – 2 July 2023 along with WICCI UK-India Business Council 


Part of the preliminary meetings toward the annual G100 meetings and annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) in London later in the year, these meetings in July created pathways for the the Commonwealth connections across the G100 global network. As we envisage a closer knit global community for concerted actions in solidarity, it becomes even more important to find common ground and common cause for creative exchange and innovative approaches by which people across continents can be connected in common vision and shared aspirations.  


The meetings started with a welcome dinner with the Global Chair and Denim Club Partner for the G100 wing for Anti Gender Abuse along with some guests. Visiting the Commonwealth headquarters in London next day was deeply inspiring as we walked through corridors of history full of challenge and change. Earlier a palace and now a commitment to member states, this royal house has hosted heads of states for meetings and conferences for growing commonwealth cooperation, goodwill and trade. The Commonwealth Businesswomen Network was also founded in recognition and for promotions of women’s contributions to commerce and economic ecosystems across the Commonwealth. The Rt Hon Baroness Patricia Scotland QC is the first woman to hold the high office of the 6th Secretary General of this multilateral body connecting 54 independent nations in equality and sovereignty, with a combined population of 2.5 billion people, of which 1.4 billion in India alone, becoming the largest member state of the Commonwealth. 


Following this was the Meet and Greet with the G100 UK Country Clubs along with G100 Global Chairs. With a bustling community of almost 100 at the luncheon event, we fostered ever more exchange in camaraderie and cooperation, in a spirit of give and ask, offering our support with generosity and receiving likewise with gratitude. We are grateful for the presence and participation of our Global Chairs Karen Duys, Krishna Pujara, Annabella Nassetti and Patience Mpofu. 


Later in the day we attended the India Global Forum (IGF) at the Queen Elizabeth II center. Sir Keir Starmer, Leader of Labour Party in his Majesty’s Government delivered the keynote at the inaugural, which spoke about increasing representation of underrepresented people in the Labour party ranks and stepping into the future with wider perspectives, especially resetting relationship with India. We also met Member of Parliament Catherine West who welcomed the G100 to visit the Parliament. The evening concluded with our visit to the House of Commons for a book launch. We were welcomed to the event by Denim Club Partner Lord Rami Ranger and were introduced to Lord Jeffrey Archer and Padma shri Bob Blackman MP. 


The next day upon the invitation of our UK Country Chair for UN SDGs, Dr. Ron Cambridge, we participated in the London Metropolitan University’s Networking Reception during the Learning & Teaching Conference being held at the university on the theme of Enabling Inclusive Transformation through Collaboration and Diversity. One of the key aspects was enhancing sense of belonging of all students by honoring the DEI tenets. 


The rest of the week we had meetings with Global Chairs who had joined us in London, Neyla Benkadda and Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati ji, as also with two prospective Global Chairs. We attended some more community events including at the Nehru Center, London, within the Cultural Economy and Creative Industries Summit as part of IGF. We attended the Global Unity Dinner upon the invitation of Anita Goyal OBE where Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had also sent his video message of encouragement toward the endeavours of the community to unite all. We participated in the Sanatani Professional Conclave underlining the Sanatan (timeless) values of Indian civilisation honoring the world as one family, where G100 was invited to share thoughts. We shared on the importance of honoring the sacred role of women and mothers who keep the families united and ensuring all therein thrive, despite the odds and personal challenges. This recognition of the great uniting role of women must become mainstream, restoring respect for the power of women in shaping societies and our future. 


The journey continues as G100 perseveres with partnerships driving our common cause and vision across cultures and continents. Together we rise for All. 



25 June

Arrival and Dinner Meeting hosted by Lord Rami Ranger and Lady Renu Ranger, 

with Krishna Pujara, G100 Global Chair, Anti-Domestic Abuse wing, and Convenor London Meetings


26 June

9am Commonwealth Secretariat 


11am to 1pm Meet and Greet Luncheon at Cinnamon Club with G100 UK Country Clubs 


1:30pm to 5pm Participation at India Global Forum (IGF): Leading for Purpose. Keynote by Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer


5pm Meetings at Bloomsbury Institute 


6pm House of Commons book launch by Suresh Kumar with Lord Jeffrey Archer & Padma Shri Bob Blackman MP 


27 June 

7:30am Breakfast meeting with Neyla Benkadda, G100 Global Chair, Youth Empowerment,


4pm Networking Meet at London Metropolitan University led by Dr. Ron Cambridge, UK Country Chair, G100 SDGs wing


28 June 

12:30 noon: Luncheon Meetings at Cinnamon Club 


6:30pm Global Unity Dinner at Dorchester 

Video message by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak 


8pm Meeting with Judith Batchelar OBE, Royal Opera House Cafe


Judith is a Non-Executive Director of the Environment Agency, Chair of the Rugby Players Association and is a Trustee of The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Accounting for Sustainability and The Matt Hampson Foundation.


29 June 

Nehru Center, London. 

Participation in The second Cultural Economy and Creative Industries Summit as part of IGF, developing a new vision of bilateral cultural exchange and creative innovation between the UK and India. It will explore new economic models for strengthening growth and diffusion of cultural industries and contemporary culture. 


30 June 

Recce of event venue at Wembley for Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) in October


1 July 

Meetings with Dr. Krishna Pujara in preparation for the Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) and G100 Commonwealth meetings later in the year 


2 July 

Sanatani Professionals Conclave 

Wisdom Talks by Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati, G100 Global Chair, Healing Circles