Leadership changes us and our world: G100 – Leadership Summit, Cascais, Portugal, 18-20 May 2023.

The three days leadership summit brought together the G100 community. With the support of 5 Global Chairs across different wings and many country chairs from across wings in attendance, a most inspiring program unfolded in Cascais.  Made available in hybrid format, both on ground and online, the live event was truly representative with global participation from across continents with over 5000 attendees in 28 city hubs. 

By way of outcomes of the summit, a green paper was produced resulting from the debate on the topics: business, health and sustainability. The green paper will be submitted to the Portuguese Government, represented at the event by the Secretary of  State for Internationalisation, the Minister for Work and Welfare, the Secretary of State for the Digital Economy and the President of the Business Confederation representing 180k companies. 

The essence of all the sessions was that education and knowledge sharing were indeed among the best tools for self growth and leadership growth, bridging the gender gaps with greater confidence, equity and inclusion. A protocol was signed with the Brave Generation Academy to produce free access courses on financial literacy, business plans and access to funding.

Leadership is a journey and together we can walk on this path with trust, teamwork and togetherness. 
Partnerships and collaborations are integral to achieving outcomes through leadership, and this summit greatly succeeded in that. 

Convenor: Grateful regards to meetings convenor, Linda Pereira, G100 Global Chair, Communication & Advocacy.