All Doors, All Floors: Stepping into the Power of Partnerships 

G100 – Ivy Leagues & Universities meetings, USA, 16-25 October 2022  


 An exceptional coverage of the 7 Ivy leagues universities and 4 others across a 9 days marathon tour yielded remarkable learnings and brought to fruition many thoughts and actions initiated last year during our earlier meetings in the US. Most of all it sharpened our focus and accelerated our momentum toward seeking partnerships at all levels – all doors, all floors, a phrase that emerged as we walked through the doorways and hallways of iconic buildings that have seen generations through. 

Repositories of legacy and learning, the Ivy Leagues represent an abiding journey of transformation through excellence, advocacy and action; their strong influence and leadership not limited to the class of that year but alive and active across all walks of life as their alumni lead in businesses and boards globally. 

Connecting with thought leaders, researchers, faculty, young leaders propels our journey further towards innovative approaches to achieve gender equality through connections and collaborations integrating diverse set of actors and ecosystems in transformation. 

Some of our takeaways and next steps that emerged from the various interactions with young people, faculty, centers and community are as below: 

support universities in reviewing curricula from the gender and global lens, particularly as context is currently more US centric and also more around gender identity and not so much on gender equality. 

support students with workshops, webinars and internships through our 100 wings. 

be part of university case studies. 

provide to young leaders speaking opportunities on our Women Economic Forum (WEF) platforms globally for wider exposure and visibility.  

integrate students with professional and peer networks for engagement with industry and institutions, fostering knowledge networks that drive and develop innovation, entrepreneurship, growth mindset and lifelong learning, 

onboard women run starts ups on platform. 

invite more men to the G100 denim club to support the cause of gender equality in parity and partnership. 

through faculty who sit on many boards in leading companies, we can influence companies policies toward diversity and inclusion, and promoting women to senior positions in their companies. 

students exchange among universities globally for developing a global consciousness and understanding. 

Convenor & Navigator: We are most grateful to the Denim Club for its support in arranging meetings and logistics.


G100 Secretariat Global Team

1. Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder & President, G100 Club 

2. Vinay Rai – Founder & President, G100 Denim Club

G100 Global Chairs 

1. Justice Carmen Velasquez, G100 Global Chair – Law & Justice 

2. Gloria Feldt, G100 Global Chair – Leadership Parity 

Along with Country Chairs, Advisory Council members, and Denim Club partners across the wings as given below in program. 


16 October

12 noon – 2pm 

Meeting with Mark Madrid 

Associate Administrator for the Office of Entrepreneurial Development (OED) at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). 

Along with, Maria Fernanda Reyes, 100 most influential Hispanic Leaders in Technology 2022, USA Country Chair, Business Networking (led by Global Chair, Lakshmy Shankar), and Penelope Villalobos, Hospitality Professional, Mexico. 

4pm – 6pm Meet & Greet 

at InterContinental, New York Times Square with 50 leaders across the G100 and other networks. 

17 October 

8am: Breakfast meeting 

with Jane Yoo – Partner in Boston Consulting group NY office 

10:30am: meeting with Dr. Bindu Babu, USA Country Chair, Mental Health (led by Global Chair, Dr. Neerja Birla). 

12 noon: NYU 

Courtesy call on the office of Dr. Lisa Coleman, New York University’s (NYU) inaugural senior vice president for global inclusion and strategic innovation and chief diversity officer.

18 October: Yale & Princeton University 

Courtesy calls, Office of the President 

Peter Salovey, President of Yale University

Christopher Ludwig Eisgruber, President of Princeton University

19 October

6:30pm Women Leaders Dinner hosted by Gloria Feldt, G100 Global Chair, Leadership Parity 

20 October: Columbia University 

With support of Geovanny Vicente Romero 

G100 Global Advisory Council Member (Denim Club), Mentoring & Motivation wing, led by Yanire Brana as Global Chair. 

10:30am – 11:30am: Addressing Students

Uris building – Classroom 326. Online Broadcast 

12 noon to 2pm: meetings and lunch

At Faculty House, Columbia University.  

21 October, Brown University 

Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

9:30am – 11:00am Meeting with Felicia Salinas-Moniz, Director of the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender; Madyson Crawford, Assistant Director of the Sarah

Doyle Center; and Kisa Takesue, Director, Pre-College and Leadership Programs


11:15am- 12:30pm

Meeting with Banu Ozkazanc-Pan, Founder and Director of the Venture Capital Inclusion Lab at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship Location: Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship (Room 205), 1 Euclid Avenue, Providence, RI 02912

22 October Arrive in Boston 

10am meeting with 

Dr. Arundhati (Tuli) Banerjee

Executive Director, Philanthropic Partnerships

Office of the President, MIT 

4pm to 6pm 

Boston Meet & Greet, Jo’s Indian Kitchen 

23 October

2pm : meeting with Prof. Richard D’Aveni

Top 50 Strategic Thinkers in the World,

Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth 

G100 Denim Club Partner – Mental Health

4pm: Diwali eve invitation by 

Dr. Noopur Raje & Dr. Jag Singh

Professors of Medicine, Harvard Medical School 

24 October: Harvard, Tufts, Wellesley, BU 

10am – 1pm Harvard, Tufts, Wellesley 

Courtesy calls to Office of President 

Lawrence Bacow, President, Harvard University.

Anthony P. Monaco, President, Tufts University 

Paula A. Johnson, President Wellesley College 

5pm Boston University (BU) 

Rakesh Pandey, Lecturer, Markets, Public Policy, and Law, Questrom School of Business, BU 

25 October