100 Steps to Peace: Actors, Allies & Actions paving the way for sustainable peace 

G100 – France Meetings, Paris & Strasbourg, 9-12 November 2022 during Paris Peace Forum

A power packed G100 delegation participated in the 5th edition of the Paris Peace Forum (PPF).

As we heard keynotes and panels by eminent leaders including heads of states, it was a sobering reminder on the fragility and fragmentation of the world facing an uncertain future. The humanitarian and economic crises triggered by multiple factors such as covid, climate change, wars and violence have pushed millions of people into displacement and distress. It was widely shared that one cannot talk of sustainable peace without including the underserved and marginalised – especially children and women who need to be ever more at the decision making tables for new policies and practices to lay the foundation of a future that works for all. 

We need to be the actors of change who will lead by example to showcase how we must treat our neighbors as equals and foster mutual trust, respect and cooperation across our human family worldwide – to look beyond the apparent differences in color, culture and creed and focus  instead on our innate common humanity. 

Earlier, at our meet and greet gathering 55 leaders from across our network, we were delighted to meet reaffirming their commitment in solidarity to continue their outreach to young women, institutions, women’s networks, universities, companies and civil society to build allies and partnerships in their activities for sustainable solutions to persistent problems of inequities and discrimination. 

Our meetings in the Strasbourg court gave us humbling insights on the problems faced by women on a daily basis – the struggle to be safe from slavery, sexual abuse, persecution and domestic violence. There was a glaring gap and urgent need for Pro Bono lawyers support to uphold rights of women across the world who need awareness of rights with support for representation. Police and Judicial systems need to add more accent on involvement of NGOs so that the path of justice is lined with care, concern, promptness and fairness. Young people should have the opportunity to intern in institutions such as these in order to become the change makers of the future. It was encouraging to learn that in the Strasbourg court, Member countries are obliged to put at least 1 woman on their list of 3 candidates. The mandate has ensured that there are 15 women judges out of the 46.

Once again we realised the important role of women in leadership in public life and civil society – and how systems don’t work for women when we don’t have women in leadership roles. Thankfully with education, we now we have more women on the negotiating table. It’s a good sign to see that. Nobel Peace Laureate Ouided Bouchamaoui urged on the need for solidarity. She pointed out that we are so interconnected and interdependent yet international systems are fragmented . There is a need for more and more partnerships in equality and humility. She also called for spirit of pluralism and inclusive outcomes. 

G100 continues to build and reinforce networks of advocates and actors in all the regions of the world to pursue peace and protection of all through security, support and solidarity. Cooperation among networks of women engaged in pursuing change will create more influence and impact as a network of networks, helping find solutions and synergies in efficient and accelerated ways. We need to lower the barriers and avoid the divides of “us and them.”

The future of humanity depends on ALL of us, and on the actions and steps we take. Inspired by deliberations and experiences during the meetings, we also co-created the 100 steps to peace (as below) to share with all as principles and practices that empower positive peace that last; not merely for the absence of war, but as a path for all to prosper and thrive on fulfilment of their potential and aspirations. 

Convenor & Navigator: We are most grateful to our inspiring Soul Sister Dr. Aurora Martin, G100 Global Chair for Inter-Cultural Dialogue for strategising the Paris meetings, and honored to to be led at the PPF panel by H.E. Ouided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Laureate 2015, Tunisia, G100 Global Chair – World Peace 

We can all show up and step up to be peacemakers in person – by embodying  the principles and practices we espouse. The peace we emanate is felt in the hearts of many who are then energised to manifest their deeper spirit of peace, oneness and wisdom within. As we feel, so we manifest, says a Vedic verse. 

Let’s be the change to see the change. Let’s advance the cause of any one or many of these steps to build the foundations of a future that works for all with parity, peace and prosperity. 

We can take steps individually and collectively to continue the momentum toward lasting peace. Every step paves the way. 

Following are the 100 Steps to Peace. 

1. Accessibility 

2. Accountability 

3. Allies & Alliances  

4. Altruism & Philanthropy 

5. Animal Welfare 

6. Art & Creativity

7. Authenticity & Vulnerability 

8. Balance & Moderation 

9. Be a Changemaker, Take Charge 

10. Beyond Gendered Roles 

11. Breathwork, Meditation & Yoga 

12. Bridge the Gaps

13. Business for Good 

14. Care for Children & Elderly  

15. CoCreation & Consensus

16. Commit, Create, Correct   

17. Compassion & Kindness 

18. Connections & Networking in Purpose 

19. Cooperation & Collaboration 

20. Courtesy, Caring & Sharing  

21. Civil Society Participation

22. Cultural Sensitivity & Discernment 

23. De-Stress & Healing 

24. Diplomacy & Negotiations 

25. Distributed Leadership 

26. Diversity & Equity 

27. Do & Deliver 

28. Earth & Environment Care 

29. Eating Together 

30. Economic Empowerment & Income 

31. Education & Enriching Experiences 

32. Empathy & Family-Feeling 

33. Entrepreneurial Mindset 

34. Equality & Equilibrium 

35. Ethics & Values 

36. Fairness & Justice 

37. Festive Celebrations   

38. Forgiveness 

39. Freedom from Fear 

40. Friendship & Generosity   

41. Goals for Action 

42. Gratitude 

43. He for She, She for She, She for He, All for All  

44. Healthy Boundaries 

45. Holistic Living & Mindfulness

46. Honor the Essence of Each 

47. Human Rights & Dignity 

48. Humility & Helpfulness

49. Inclusiveness & Pluralism 

50. Integrity & Sincerity 

51. Intercultural Dialogue 

52. Interdisciplinary Networks 

53. Interfaith Unity

54. Law & Order 

55. Leadership with Love  

56. Legislation & Policies 

57. Listening & Learning 

58. Love, Contentment, Happiness & Joy 

59. Love your Neighbour & Neighbourhood 

60. Mentoring & Coaching 

61. Multilateral Engagements

62. Music 

63. Non-Corrupt Governance 

64. Non-Egoism & Selflessness

65. No Political Interference 

66. No Trafficking, No Abuse 

67. No War, No Violence 

68. Open Mindedness & Large Heartedness 

69. Opportunities & Innovations 

70. Peace Mindset 

71. Physical, Emotional & Mental Wellbeing  

72. Polycentric Ecosystems  

73. Positive Spirit & Attitudes 

74. Poverty Mitigation 

75. Power Sharing 

76. Pro Bono Services 

77. Protection & Safety 

78. Receptivity & Acceptance 

79. Resilience & Wisdom 

80. Respect for Self & Others 

81. Respectful Communication 

82. Responsibility & Resourcefulness 

83. Role Models & Inspiration 

84. Self-Awareness & Self-Determination 

85. Self-Love & Self-Empowerment 

86. Sense of Purpose & Belonging 

87. Sharing Economy

88. Sisterhood & Brotherhood 

89. Social Responsibility

90. Spiritual Growth & Elevation 

91. Sports & Exercise 

92. Strategic Partnerships 

93. Support & Service 

94. Tools of Action for All 

95. Tolerance & Trust 

96. Transparency & Truthfulness 

97. Upholding Ubuntu : I to We 

98. Vision of Unity & Oneness 

99. Women’s Leadership 

100. Youth Outreach


G100 Secretariat Global Team

1.         Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder & President, G100 Club 

2.         Vinay Rai – Founder & President, G100 Denim Club

G100 Global Chairs 

1. H.E. Ouided Bouchamaoui, G100 Global Chair, World Peace 

2. Dr. Aurora Martin, G100 Global Chair, Inter-Cultural Dialogue

3. Lucia de Luca, G100 Global Chair, Pay Parity & Corporate Transformation 

4. Mar Introini, G100 Global Chair, Global Networking 

5. Dr. Racha Abdrabbo Haffar, G100 Global Chair, Develpment Finance 

6. Marianne Andersen, G100 Global Chair, Robotics & Automation 

7. Hayat Jmammou, G100 Global Chair, Culture & Heritage 

8. Neyla Benkadda, G100 Global Chair, Youth Empowerment

9. Karen Duys, G100 Global Chair, Scholarships & Internships 

Along with Country Chairs, Advisory Council, Denim Club and support of the sisterhood. 


9 Nov: Arrivals

1pm Meeting with Mehdi Benchoufi, co-founder of echOpen, a low-cost handheld ultrasound device connected to smartphones: a versatile tool for a major medical revolution like the “stethoscope” of the 21st century. Meeting led by Neyla Benkadda, G100 Global Chair, Youth Empowerment 

10 Nov : Strasbourg – Paris  

10am to 12 noon 

ECHR meetings, Strasbourg 

European Court of Human Rights

Meetings led by Judge Iulia Motoc, G100 Global Advisory Council, Inter-Cultural Dialogue wing 

6pm: Reception: Meet & Greet in Paris 

at Jaipur Cafe, Restaurant Indien (as per program below) 

6:05 Welcome by Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, Founder & President, G100

6:10pm Introduction by Prof. Dr. Aurora Martin, G100 Global Chair, Inter-Cultural Dialogue 

6:15pm Remarks by H.E. Simona-Mirela Miculescu has been serving as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Delegate of Romania to UNESCO

6:20pm Talk by Hedva Ser on Road to Peace, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador of Cultural Diplomacy, G100 France Country Chair, Arts Leadership

6:30pm Address by H.E. Segolene Royal, President Cop 21, Former Minister of Environment, Energy and Sea, Finalist of Presidential Election in France, President of 

DA Planet Foundation for Solar Energy and Women in Africa, Author of 15 Books, G100 Global Chair, Renewable & Solar Energy (sent her regards, unable to join in person)

6:40pm Address by H.E. Ouided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Laureate 2015, Tunisia, G100 Global Chair – World Peace

6:50pm Address by H.E. Elisabeth Moreno, Former Minister for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, France from 2020-2022

7pm Networking & Dinner 

11-12 Nov 

G100 Delegation at the Paris Peace Forum 

G100 delegates were to honored to meet and in be in the presence of eminent Excellencies including, 

The President of Romania, H.E. Klaus Iohannis 

Queen of Jordan Rania Al-Abdullah

President of Republic of Georgia, H.E. Salome Zourabichvili

President of France, H.E. Emmanuel Macron

President of Colombia, H.E. Gustavo Petro

President of Argentina, H.E. Alberto Fernández

11th Nov 7pm 

Meet up at Residence of Hedva Ser, G100 France Country Chair, Arts Leadership 

12th Nov 8am 

Breakfast meeting with Rona Hartner, French-Romanian actress, painter and singer, of German ethnicity, Along with Meltem Etcheberry, Author on Cultural Intelligence