Retreat, Celebrate, Accelerate:  Joyous Fun in Festive Flow for Momentum in Movement 

Festive Moments, Six Senses, Fort Barwara, Rajasthan, India, 26-30 August 2023 

An impromptu gathering happened by fortuitous chance with G100 Global Chairs visiting India during the festive week of Raksha Bandhan (celebrating the brother-sister bond), giving rise to a first of its kind festive retreat with friends and family convening at the magical and historic resort Six Senses Fort Barwara, Rajasthan, India, with the compliments of Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai.  

With 30 guests from across India, UAE, UK, USA, Tunisia, Spain and India, a cultural confluence was inevitable. The retreat provided both a quiet setting for rest and rejuvenation, especially with the famed Six Senses Spa experiences; as also a space for celebration as we came together for many ceremonies including a birthday, Raksha Bandhan and a wedding. The days were dotted with walks in the majestic heritage property, relaxation at the spacious serene spa, specially curated dinner evenings in different settings and sites of the resort, Tiger spotting safaris in Ranthambore, and big breakfasts shared in bonhomie and camaraderie. 

The joy of unity and festive fervour, in an uplifting ambience and pace of rest and relaxation, created spaces for inspired interactions and joie de vivre. Be it coming together for the birthday celebration, or the henna ceremony with song and dance, or the wedding rites with tradition and timelessness, every moment added to the tapestry of colourful emotions and experiences on the calm canvas of the spirit, leaving indelible impressions, empowering the spirited connection of all in resonance and oneness. 

Nestled in the retreat, ensconced in the nurturing energy and detente of relaxation, senses soaked in the stunning spectacle of the ancient fort, away from the bustling business of life, the retreat provided a breath of fresh air to explore and enrich our inner self, often forgotten in the hurry and scurry of routine rhythms.  

We treated ourselves to inspiration and restored ourselves from tiredness and exhaustion. The senses were enchanted by the beauty of the historic fort and enamoured by the sustainable vision of it’s restoration project. Inspiration abounded for the intuition and intellect to awaken with deeper connection to oneself, with freedom of the human spirit and celebration of the pure power of human bonds with Nature and with one another – unfettered by desires and expectations, roles and limitations, excess abd wastage, and simply beating to the rhythm of one’s own bounteous energy, complete and connected in joyous celebration of being and belonging. 

Feeling harmonised and unified within, and united in companionship, the retreat enabled us all to celebrate the rich goodness of our own nature, of Mother Nature, and of one another, with a sacred sensibility and responsibility of the bigger picture. 

We returned relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed and rebooted with ever more energy for meaningful action, replacing the boredom of busy-ness and banality of bossy-ness with creative easiness, providing flow to form, energy to action, and momentum to movement. 

With the success of this spontaneous gift, we also planned intentionally a retreat for Global Chairs next year, for coming together in relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Together we can unite ever more with joy and jubilation, and harmonise evermore as a conscious, creative and connected collective, paving the path for global communities to drive impact and influence change with culturally alive communication, cohesion and collaboration. Together we can. 


G100 Secretariat 

Led by Founder & President Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai

Supported by Vinay Rai 

Special Thanks to the hosting par excellence by the staff and team of Six Senses Fort Barwara 

Participants: included G100 Global Chairs: 

Ouided Bouchamaoui, G100 Global Chair, World Peace 

Krishna Pujara, G100 Global Chair, Anti-Gender Based Violence 

Neyla Benkadda, G100 Global Chair, Youth Empowerment 

Along with country chairs, and extended families and friends. 



26 August


Spa, Yoga and Personal time 

Dinner and birthday celebration by the Poolside 

Along side Live Musical Performance Open Air 

27 August 

Raksha Bandhan Festivities by the Temple 

Spa, Yoga, Safari and Personal time 

Wine Cellar Experience 

Along side Live Musical Performance Open Air 


28 August 

Spa, Yoga, Safari and Personal time 

Evening Henna Ceremony at the Sunset Viewing Gallery 

Sit Down Dinner at the Shikhar Burj 

29 August 

Morning Wedding Ceremony