Dragan M. Jovic

Dragan Jović, Executive Coach and Organisational Therapist, Serbia. Having worked for big corporations where he held responsible positions in the public sector and led large projects, he has gained immense experience that he wishes to share with those who can benefit from its value and lifelong learnings to empower and enrich, educate and evolve, as also mitigate risks, mistakes and letdowns that threaten one’s success and sustainability. 

That’s why he has completely turned to clients and their needs by helping them through such situations smoothly. Such were the situations he confronted himself, through which he learned his lessons, surmounted the crises, and most importantly, made his dreams come true. Today, he helps people hear themselves through his unique coaching process so they can see themselves better and by that help their dreams become a reality. 

He believes that every day brings a reason to rejoice and that together we can make discoveries, awaken hidden strengths, reach new outlooks, act from higher awareness, self-belief, self-esteem and strengths. He spreads the message of hope, joy and peace and shows that it is possible for all to find these as they figure the most favourable life position of their aspiration and dreams.