Dr. Muhra AlMuhairi

Dr. Muhra AlMuhairi

She is a distinguished entrepreneur and visionary leader, renowned for her multifaceted accomplishments across various industries. She is the founder of the SMAA Group, a conglomerate specializing in Design, Real Estate, E-mobility, Social Media, and Fashion & Beauty. Navigating diverse sectors with unparalleled ease and expertise, Dr. AlMuhairi is also the visionary behind The Art of Being Academy, an institution dedicated to fostering individual and organizational excellence, alongside spearheading innovative research and development initiatives.

Her dynamic career has encompassed roles within both federal and state government bodies in the United Arab Emirates, culminating in over two decades of invaluable experience across government, semi-government, and private sectors. Dr. AlMuhairi’s impressive track record includes pivotal contributions to the establishment of various organizations, sectors, and startups. Notable achievements include the founding of a School of Government, nurturing social startups, and elevating the volunteering sector.

In her capacity as the Chair of Business Administration, she successfully managed business initiatives for over 300 students within the business department of a prominent college in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, Dr. AlMuhairi has held esteemed positions as a former faculty member at the Higher College of Technology and as a Coach Mentor for the Youth Foundation. Her commitment to education extends to her role as a lecturer and speaker, where she imparts wisdom in areas such as leadership, negotiation, project management, and public speaking. She is also a prolific artist and designer, showcasing her creative prowess.

Academically, Dr. AlMuhairi holds a Doctorate of Business Administration, a Master’s degree from Harvard University, an Executive MBA from Zayed University, and a Master of Education from Deakin University. Her dedication to academic excellence is underscored by her membership in the prestigious Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society. Notably, she has earned the distinction of being a Meson Fellow and ELI Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, further solidifying her commitment to knowledge and leadership.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. AlMuhairi is a devoted mother to four remarkable daughters, all poised to follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps. Her remarkable journey is punctuated by numerous awards recognizing her contributions to learning and development, innovation, and unwavering support for the local community. Dr. AlMuhairi is a true luminary, leaving an indelible mark on the worlds of business, education, and community service.