Datin Hartini Binti Osman

Datin Hartini Binti Osman

She is the Director/Group MD, PRIHATIN EHSAN HOLDINGS SDN BHD, an Investment and Property Development company owned by Yayasan Bina Kesejahteraan (YBCare) and Seri Mendapat Project Management Sdn Bhd (SMPM) which was established in 1998. Prihatin Ehsan has invested and managed YBCare and SMPM business with 50% owned equity in Permodalan YBK Sdn Bhd (PYBK). PYBK has a land bank about 1,624 acres in Mukim Serendah. The land has been approved for mixed development with potential value of about RM8 billion. It also has wholly owned equity in Wana Properties Sdn Bhd (WPSB), a company involved in the HOTELIER AND PROPERTY INVESTMENT and owned a 3 star hotel i.e. Tun Fatimah Riverside Hotel. She is the Group CEO for PERMODALAN YBK SDN BHD (PYBK) (Investment arm for Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Selangor (YBK) (Poverty Eradication Foundation), a non- profit organization/foundation established in 1990 to eradicate poverty programmes in the State of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and whole of Malaysia. PYBK owned approximately 1,624 acres of land with approved mixed development in Bukit Tasik Serendah, Mukim of Serendah, District of Hulu Selangor, Malaysia. 

She is the Director for SERI MENDAPAT PROJECT MANAGEMENT SDN BHD (SMPM) (2016 – current). (SMPM is the Project Management Company (PMC) for YBK Usahasama Sdn Bhd, the SPV Company to develop UiTM Campus in Mukim Semujuk, Jasin, Melaka. The Company manage and supervise the Project and ensure that it is carried out in accordance to the conditions of contract, tender drawings, specification and trade preambles, bills of quantities & schedule of works and form of tender as provided under the Concession Agreement signed between YBK Usahasama Sdn Bhd, Ministry of Higher Learning and UiTM. She is the Group Managing Director for JOYMATIC SDN BHD (a Property Management Company). She is the Chairman for YAYASAN BINA KESEJAHTERAAN (YBCare)(a Foundation principally engaged to received, managed and administer the fund for the purpose of education, charitable, public welfare and other community services). YBCare will be launching mobile school training book soon. She is the Chairman for KOPERASI KASIH YAYASAN BASMI KEMISKINAN SELANGOR BERHAD (Ko-KASIH). 

A socio-economic organization comprising, financed and administered by a group of people based on the spirit and collaborative efforts to promote economic and social interests of its members. She is the Director for WANA PROPERTIES SDN BHD (WPSB). A company wholly owned by Prihatin Ehsan Holdings Sdn Bhd, involved in Hotelier and Property Investment and owned a 3 star hotel i.e. Tun Fatimah Riverside Hotel (TFR) situated in Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Melaka). She is the Director for TUN FATIMAH RIVERSIDE HOTEL MANAGEMENT SDN BHD (TFRHM) (2018 – current). A company wholly owned by Wana Properties Sdn Bhd, managing all management services for Tun Fatimah Riverside Hotel situated in Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Melaka). She is the Director for YAYASAN JAMBOR SAKTI (Family Foundation). She is the Chairman for ASRAMA KASIH YBK, SERENDAH (ASKA) (1993 – current). 

Asrama Kasih YBK was built in 1994 and is a funding programs of study and the life of the poor and orphaned students. The program aims to help students with facilities and financing of living, learning and personal development of students. Asrama Kasih has housed more than 3000 kids that have elevated their lives through school and a hostel and alumni are set up for all the ex-student. The hostel is located in Hulu Selangor and the students are from Form 1 to Form 5 and then continue tertiary education to University Kuala Lumpur (UNIKL) (in collaboration with YBK and UNIKL) and many more public universities depending on the result of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) (Malaysia Certificate of Education (MCE). She is the Chairman for BADAN AMAL KEBAJIKAN ANGGUN (BAKA). 

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) carries out welfare and community charity work and plays a roles and responsibilities in helping leaders). She is the Selangor Women Committee Members for ANGKATAN KOPERASI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA BERHAD (ANGKASA). ANGKASA is the top cooperative covering all types of primary, secondary and upper-level cooperatives throughout Malaysia and as a body representing Malaysia Cooperative Movement at national and international levels).

She is the Exco member of Harvard Business School Alumni Club Malaysia. Alumni for Amp 190 advance Management Programme Harvard Business School. She is the Gayong Heirs Associate Member Meor Rahman for Malaysian Gayong Martial Arts Organization (Pertubuhan Seni Silat Gayong Malaysia). She was conferred Sandang Mahkota Seri Cahaya Pelangi, Sandang Kehormat Kebesaran Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia No. 55. She was conferred Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Arts Science by the World Academy of Martial Arts Philosophy and Science (WAMAPS) in 2018.