Zane Landin 

Zane Landin, Mental health and disability advocate, queer rights activist, body positivity proponent, authentic storyteller, communications explorer, writer, award-winning poet, entrepreneur, and positive change maker, USA. Zane earned his Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations from Cal Poly Pomona. He founded PositiveVibes Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to telling authentic stories about mental health, wellness, and inspiration. The magazine’s message has impacted thousands of readers from over 100 countries. He currently works at the National Geographic Society as an Internal Communications Specialist.

Through his passion for media and public relations, Zane created a PR agency dedicated to uplifting voices of mental health and other forms of advocacy we don’t typically hear from in the media. One of Zane’s proudest accomplishments was being selected for the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum with President Biden, Dr. Biden, Dr. Murthy, and Selena Gomez. Zane is a passionate storyteller who regularly writes about wellness, psychology, and culture for the Power of Positivity, Entrepreneur, Brainz Magazine, and Lady Gaga’s Channel Kindness. He has spoken on over 75 podcasts and platforms like New York Weekly, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and The Conversationalist, where he shares his journey with different audiences.