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G100 – Turkey Meetings, Istanbul, 2-4 November 2022   


 In Turkey, on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, we were deeply inspired by the excellence of everything. The meetings were organised by the G100 wing of Smart & Sustainable Cities during IMSAD Sustainable Future Summit with additional elements as well. 

We learned so much especially about new strategies that are integrative and interdisciplinary and built on the cornerstone of partnerships. It was enlightening to learn that most challenges can be solved at the scale of cities with sustainable action plans and leveraging complementary advantage of cities – an example being the Bintan project, with a unique development approach in the context of Singapore-Johor-Riau Islands region, a collaboration in complementarity and sustainability by both Indonesia and Singapore. 

As identified, the problem of congested cities is not urbanisation as such, but rather the lack of planning, cooperation and collaboration in an interdisciplinary and integrative context. While the city and citizens have challenges, industry has solutions, and governments the reach and regulatory authority for laws and incentives. A gender and inclusion vanguard must also be consulted as safety of cities and inequitable access of public spaces remains a concern. 

Yet, a common hub of communication is missing – all stakeholders must be able to have joint consultations in planning stages before offering products and solutions, in order for innovations to emerge. In addition, emphasis was also placed on the role of data and digitalisation in decision making, which could uplift all the more the wide spectrum of human intelligence, leadership, vision, talent, tools and technology. 

G100 can bridge that gap. It play the role of a facilitator while bringing the gender perspective to the fore. With its unique and flexible structuring of polycentric groupings across 100 domains, pro bono support, professional and positive culture, and vision of million gender champions, it can exponentially expand the capacity of its partners and can propel the change we seek with critical mass, creativity and connectivity. The wing was excited to start working on key projects in cities globally through partnerships such as with UCLG – MEWA. 

Together, we can co-create new intersections of human intensity, interaction and identity with equality and equilibrium. 

Convenor & Navigator: We are most grateful to our inspiring Soul Sister Zeynep Bodur Okyay, G100 Global Chair for Smart & Sustainable Cities wing, along with the organising team for their impeccable attention to detail. We greatly learned from all elements of the meetings, viz. vision, strategy and implementation. 




2Nov 2022

20:30 Dinner with Country Chairs of G100 Smart and Sustainable Cities Wing, Hodan Restaurant


3Nov 2022

10:00-10:10 Zeynep Bodur Okyay – Opening Speech – İMSAD Summit, Hilton Maslak

10:30-10:55 Alfonso Vegara – Keynote Speech – İMSAD Summit, Hilton Maslak

10:55-11:10 Networking coffee break

11:10-12:20 The Urban Road Ahead Panel – İMSAD Summit, Hilton Maslak  (with Panelists and Moderator from the G100 Wing)

13:30-15:30 G100 Smart and Sustainable Cities Wing Internal Luncheon Meeting, Hilton Maslak Boardroom 2

15:30-16:00 (additional) Zeynep Hale Yenice, President WICCI Turkey – India business council joins us for the evening program 

16:00-19:00 Sightseeing by Boat Ride 

19:30 Networking Cocktail/Dinner with Turkish Ecosystem, Murver Restaurant.


4Nov 2022

10:30-12:00 UCLG-MEWA Memorandum of Understanding Signatory, UCLG-MEWA Office-Old Town

12:00-13:00 Sightseeing, Old Town