G100 – Thailand Meetings, Bangkok & Chiang Mai, 

5-8 September 2022 


The best of balance and beauty comes together in Thailand, with it’s mindful energy of “Sufficiency Economy” embodied in the way people live, relate and work. We learned here about the Thai philosophy of “Sufficiency Economy” developed by His Majesty King Bhumibol 

Adulyadej (Rama IX), Father of the Thai Nation. 


 With the aim of creating balance, goodness and steady development at all levels of living and all spheres of consciousness with a focus on human values and development, the principle of Sufficiency Economy encourages the Buddhist middle path, viz. shunning 

extremism of any kind and adopting moderation and mindfulness for individual strength and social stability.  Meetings at the National Council of Women of Thailand emphasised the importance of global collaborations and the continuing work to promote women of boards and in political participation.