Tara Murney

She has created a pathbreaking Prison Reform & Reintegration Program called Transformfluence designed to help women and young women find community, connection, and hope re-entering back into society. An advocate for Anti-Human and Sex Trafficking, she volunteers for O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad) and works on projects in this arena as well. Tara is known for her coaching with cultural visionaries, leading changemakers, and soul-preneurs. As an Emotional Intelligence Coach, she mentors conscious leaders to experience new levels of clarity, focus, creativity, and fulfillment to create a global impact through their businesses. Her consulting and teaching focus on how to unlock one’s creative genius and use executive strategic awareness for training, self-awareness, and emotional EQ.

Tara is the author of the forthcoming book Everyday Cognitive Courage for high performance and personal leadership. Her work illustrates her viewpoints about various experiences through which she has grown, birthing a richer and deeper meaning of life that has welcomed a path of happiness, unlimited bliss, confidence, and an inner landscape full of peace and fulfillment. She offers pragmatic and efficient coaching sessions, lessons, comprehensive insights, tools, strategies, and intuitive conversations to help individuals access and embody their most empowered and authentic selves to lead intentionally.

Tara believes that it’s not what you do that matters, but how you intentionally show up aligned, in the best and highest version of yourself. She adds that it’s by being present, purposeful, and living and operating in deliberate creation; in your wheelhouse of genius, that one can truly live and lead life in a way that deeply influences your success and possibilities. Her passion for teaching people how to unlock fulfillment, prosperity, abundance, and purpose was kindled during her adolescent years, which has now become a full-time endeavor for her and her team.

As an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Education Consultant, No.1 Bestselling Author, and nationally recognized for her EI Embodiment Coaching, she is an energetic, passionate speaker who shares her empowering vision and wisdom globally. An inclusive community builder and leader, she guides large and small communities in areas focused especially on leadership development, collaboration, school culture, principal and teacher evaluation, and closing achievement voids.