Sharon Cittone

Sharon Cittone 

She is one of Forbes’ most powerful women shaping the future of food. A visionary entrepreneur, she also sits on the Advisory Board of the World Food Programme in Italy, is a Mentor for both Rockstart Agrifood and the FoodTech Accelerator, and is often invited to speak and write on the topic of Food Innovation.

Sharon understood early on that her passion for healthy food was part of a much larger picture, and that challenges like climate change, food insecurity, waste, water conservation, and soil regeneration were intimately related and ripe for disruption. Using her extensive experience in communications and business, Sharon has been at the forefront of building and growing the global food and agtech ecosystem for the better part of a decade.

Her work with start-ups, corporations, investors, policymakers, institutions, and youth landed her the coveted Forbes title. Cittone believes in connecting the dots, creating opportunities for others, and facilitating the collaboration that will lead to systemic change within the food system.
She says, “The food system employs 40% of the global workforce, it touches many different industries from energy to logistics to packaging but its all connected and all I try to do is connect the dots and create opportunities for others.” This dedication to finding collaborative solutions and engaging the next generation has become the backbone of her new endeavor.

In 2021 Sharon founded Edible Planet Ventures, a holistic platform that aims to reshape our food system by convening leading voices and visionaries to collaborate and innovate around the most pressing challenges of today, and the future.

Prior to launching her company, among other roles, Sharon served as the CCO for Seeds&Chips, leading content development, planning and executing the signature event – Global Food Innovation Summit – with 12,000 food industry leaders from across the world in Milan, consulting on high-level corporate strategies, open innovation methodologies, and growing into new markets such as the US and ANZ.