Saadia Lakehal

Saadia Lakehal     

She is the President & Founder, Global Women in Manufacturing summit and AgTech Summit, and CEO &Founder, Emperia Industries Connect Inc. Canada. A Microbiologist by training, coming from a family of entrepreneurs in the industrial sector, she has to her credit, a wide range of specializations in the fields of: the chemical industry, the forest industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry, the agricultural industry and the food industry, the health sector and the sports environment.

This rich repertoire of intersectionality in industries has prepared her in a unique way as a global visionary and business woman with strong experiences in manufacturing and industrial networking across a variety of sectors at the intersection of the worlds of manufacturing, industry, creativity, environment, agriculture, innovation, technology, research and sciences.

She richly contributes to the development and creation of the manufacturing and agriculture industry of the future, which aims to be intelligent, visionary and connected to the current socio-economic, human, environmental and technological challenges to create a better, balanced world.
She has a long-standing focus on impact of women in manufacturing and AgTech as she initiated the Global Women in Manufacturing Summit and Women in AgTech Summit advancing the agenda of women & youth in manufacturing and in agribusiness to promote diversity and inclusion in the connected industry, and to support the competitive positioning and the level of competitiveness of the manufacturers in these allied industries. Passionate about creating opportunities for women, she aims to energize female leadership in the era of the Industry 4.0Revolution and with her magazine IndustriELLES give voice to women who have a role to play in the development of an intelligent and sensitive industry.

A global citizen active in four continents, she is of Algerian origin and very engaged especially in Africa as she collaborates with governments and also with several organizations of women in industry and agribusiness in different African countries.

She specialises in facilitating and creating business opportunities in the industrial, manufacturing and AgriTech sectors in order to promote inter-industrial, intercultural and international relations. Known for her leadership in the Montreal and Quebec manufacturing sectors, she was named the 2017 finalist at the Quebec Maghreb Congress gala, in the Female Leader category. After spending ten years at the head of several industrial associations (ADICQ, AIA, AIIM) and chaired the industrial policy committee of the Association Interindustrielle de Montréal (AIIM), Saadia Lakehal has forged a solid reputation in her field. Today, she wishes to use her 25 years of experience and her great expertise by contributing to the creation of a more ethical future with environmental consciousness and efficient integration of sectors to connect and co-create seamlessly. A dear Soul Sister who gently shakes the world with her innovative energy.