Rina Neoh

Rina Neoh   

She is Seasoned serial entrepreneur and active business investor, she has wealth of experience in incubating new businesses, finding new markets, mergers & acquisitions, with solid track record in investing, building, growing and/or exiting successful startups and scaleups.

She has been listed among the Top 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen in Singapore (By Top 10 of Asia), Top 10 Women Venture Capitalists in Singapore (By Women Founders Network), Top 8 Trailblazers Under 40’s (by The Peak Magazine), and Top 100 Most Influential LinkedIn Icon to follow in Malaysia (by Marketing in Malaysia). She has held several senior executive positions (at CEO/CXO levels) and board directorships in private and public sectors across Asia Pacific.

She is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd, invested in and managed a portfolio of more than 80 startups in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Australia. Her experience covers a wide variety of areas such as education, food, fashion, pharmaceutical, ecommerce, esports, information technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, human resources development, and executive education, among others.
She is Co-Founder and Board Director of FICUS Venture Fund, where investments are selected based on their business soundness and alignment with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As Founder and Chairman of the School of Agility, Grit and Entrepreneurship (SAGE), launched an online virtual academy at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help graduating students, corporate managers and startup founders to develop their agility, grit and entrepreneurship competencies to pursue their own entrepreneurial journey through a 4-part integrated process of education, innovation, incubation and acceleration.

She has oached and mentored startups to identify product-market fit, gain market traction, build sustainable revenue models and scale up their
businesses, including IPO and RTO instruments. As Master Franchisee of MindChamps International Preschool, introduced the first neuroscience-based preschool system in the Philippines and grew the franchise to 5 independent centers in the first 3 years. As Co-Founder of ThriverKids Virtual Learning Hub, introduced the first future-ready digital platform to help Work From Home (WFH) and Home Schooling (HS) parents to educate their kids safely at home during the pandemic. As board adviser of Turnkey Group, advocates the use of robust data analytics to help companies manage the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) impact of their businesses.

Leveraging a cloud-based supply chain sustainability and compliance management platform, the system allows them to mitigate supply chain risks through collection, monitoring and reporting of ESG data in a transparent manner. As designated General Representative for Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines of the Beijing-based International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), fosters long-term partnership among technology service organizations in 18 countries to hasten cross-border technology adaption and absorption through business development, government relations, online B2B and events/conferences. As Board Member of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), participated in crafting and executing Malaysia’s export promotion strategy in line with the government’s Industry 4.0 Economic Agenda. The board is tasked with the responsibility of promoting and executing trade initiatives in Malaysia and helping Malaysian companies to achieve success in the international market.

As Co-Founder of Asia CEO Community, developed a strongly knit community of CEOs and CXOs across Asia to become a powerful force for change through meaningful business, social and professional relationships. Grown the membership base to 8,000+ active members in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia since its launch in 2014. She was instrumental in introducing 1 IPO and 1 RTO in the Australian Stock Exchange and helped execute complex cross border mergers and acquisitions strategy within the Asia Pacific region. She is advisor to Single Family Office in Philippines and instrumental in setting up a new direct selling subsidiary for Philippines’s No 2 Pharma conglomerate focusing on preventive care. Subsequently sold off the subsidiary to AJ Pharma Group in a 100% acquisition deal. She is appointed to the Board of Directors and Audit & Risk committee member of MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Agency) under the Ministry of Trade. She is an avid photographer, curious traveller, passionate mountain trekker and devoted wellness practitioner. She is a strong advocate of women empowerment, social enterprise and sustainability, educational opportunities for the underserved, poverty eradication, volunteerism and philanthropy. A dear Soul Sister with energetic enterprise and vision toward unleashing greater economic and social good.