Przemyslaw Gdanski

On behalf of Dorota (Dori) Zimnoch, G100 Global Chair- Innovation & Technology, welcoming for this wing G100 Denim Club partner for & inspiring leader, Przemyslaw Gdanski, CEO & President of Management Board – BNP Paribas Bank, Poland. Przemyslaw Gdanski is CEO & President of Management Board – BNP Paribas Bank, Poland.

He believes we can be really good at something only when being passionate about it. His passion is banking. He always wanted to work for a bank, and follows his passion since the beginning of his career. He believes, Banking is not only about money. It’s about serving customers and helping them to fulfill their needs, realize their dreams and develop their passions. Banks and bankers must act ethically, transparently and fairly. Always and without compromise.

He believes in authenticity and has little tolerance for arrogance. He says, “We leaders are here to support and develop our people. In order to succeed, we should be humble, open, approachable and hard-working. Leaders’ job is also to effectively influence the entire organization, so each and everyone always acts in that very way.

Even though if it might be not so obvious, only when treating customers and employees genuinely fairly, an institution may be successful and profitable on a sustainable basis.” Having almost 30 years of international banking experience from different markets he has seen how banking has changed over time and he understands how critical technology and continuous innovation have become for the banking industry.

Therefore, he is also an active LP in a VC and an investor in tech ventures. His work has been recognized with The CEO of the Year Award (Corporate Innovation Awards 2018, The Heart Warsaw). For supporting women in business, he received The Male Champion of Change Award 2018 (Success Written in Lipstick Foundation) and for achievements in digital transformation – Digital Shaper Award 2018 (Digital Poland Foundation).