Prof. Dr. Barbara Baarsma

Prof. Dr. Barbara Baarsma   

She is the CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank at Rabobank and a noted Dutch Economist. She says, “As a banker I feel like I’m a servant of the real economy. With the Rabo Carbon Bank we are realizing a new business model for the bank with which we can accelerate the movement toward a climate-neutral economy and stimulate a future-proof food system.

This is an excellent opportunity for our cooperative bank. We are active throughout the food value chain. Not only do we have a global network in Food & Agri sectors, we also serve the major players in the market who want to address their CO2 emissions.

We will work together with them to reduce their emissions and offer them validated CO2 storage capabilities with the Carbon Bank. Before March 2021, she was CEO of Rabobank Amsterdam, taking up the post on 1 January 2019.

From 2016 to 2019 she was the Director of Knowledge Development at Rabobank where she headed RaboResearch. In this capacity she was responsible for the Rabobank-wide knowledge agenda and the development of the knowledge organization.
Alongside her work at Rabobank, Barbara Baarsma is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Amsterdam. She is also the chair of the Bank Council of the Dutch Central Bank (Bankraad van DNB), a member of the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee (Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance Code), the Dutch Enterprise Committee (Nederlands Comité voor Ondernemerschap) and the Advisory Council for the Short Chains Taskforce (Taskforce Korte Keten). Barbara is also a member of the National Icons Jury (Jury Nationale Iconen), the board of the Dutch Alzheimer’s Society (Stichting Alzheimer) and the Advisory Council of the DNB Academy (Raad van Advies DNB Academie). From April 2012 to the summer of 2019 she was the Crown-appointed member of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (Sociaal-Economische Raad, SER).

Before joining Rabobank she was Managing Director of SEO Economic Research (SEO Economisch Onderzoek) and held a number of ancillary positions as member of the Supervisory Boards of Loyalis NV, Espria and Aon Groep Nederland bv, board member of KAS BANK Preference Share Trust (Stichting Preferente Aandelen Kas Bank) and member of the Advisory Board for Responsible Investment at PGGM. She was previously a supervisory director/internal supervisor at Woonzorg, St. Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital and BNN broadcasting company and member of the audit committee of the FNV Trade Union Confederation (FNV Bondgenoten).

She is regularly asked to contribute her ideas in committees on ministerial policy issues. For example, she was chair of the Macro Management Tool Committee in specialist medical care set up by Minister Schippers, and was previously chair of the committee for Vertical Integration in the healthcare sector set up by Minister Klink. She was also a member of the Visitation Committee for National Public Broadcasting Services (LPO), the Committee on the Structure of Dutch Banks (Commissie Structuur Nederlandse banken), the Committee Service Provision at Home (Commissie Dienstverlening aan huis), the Level Playing Fields for Industry Committee (Commissie Speelveldtoets) and the Circular Agriculture Earning Capacity Taskforce (Taskforce Verdienvermogen Kringlooplandbouw). A dear Soul Sister who is transforming the sector and society with her visionary initiatives rooted in sustainability.